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Nunes de Castro, César
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Texto para Discussão, Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (IPEA) 1577
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The objective of this study is to evaluate the potential impacts of the water transfer Project of the Sao Francisco River, located in the Northeastern region of Brazil. Besides this evaluation, the study aims to identify if the Sao Francisco River Project is or is not an adequate alternative to increase the water availability in the region benefited by it and, consequently, contributes to the social-economic development of that region. By the analysis of the gathered information, it was observed that, among other things: it doesn't exist satisfactory evidence of water deficit in the benefited states of Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte; in the medium term, the water resources of the São Francisco basin are sufficient to attend the demand of the water transfer project and that the benefits of this project as demonstrated by the Brazilian Federal Government are overstated. About the benefits of the project, the existing evidences indicate that the attended population will be smaller than that affirmed by the Government, as well as the irrigated area, and that the reduction of the Federal Government's emergency expenditures to help the population suffering from the effects of the droughts, that frequently occur in the Brazilian Northeast, won't be as significant as predicted by Government's officials.
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Working Paper

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