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2020 Tying peasants to their land: The rise and fall of private property rights in historical VietnamHoang-Anh Ho
2020 Not an ordinary bank but a great engine of state: The Bank of England and the British economy, 1694-1844O'Brien, Patrick Karl; Palma, Nuno
2020 Gold rush: The political economy of gold standard adoption in the Kingdom of YugoslaviaJevtic, Aleksandar R.
2020 Reinventing institutions: Trust offices and the Dutch financial system, 1690s-2000sde Jong, Abe; Jonker, Joost; Röell, Ailsa; Westerhuis, Gerarda
2020 Regional market integration and the emergence of a Scottish national grain marketCassidy, Daniel; Hanley, Nick
2019 Ireland's peculiar microfinance revolution, c. 1836-1845McLaughlin, Eoin; Pecchenino, Rowena
2019 How local conditions affect global banking: The case of BBVA and SantanderCuevas Casaña, Joaquim; Martín Aceña, Pablo; Pons Brias, María A.
2018 The formalization of banking supervision: A comparison between Japan and SwedenHotori, Eiji; Wendschlag, Mikael
2018 Conquering the market: The expansion strategies of Santander and BBVA in Latin AmericaLópez-Morell, Miguel Angel; Bernabé Pérez, María Mercedes
2018 ATM time series, 1967-2017Bátiz-Lazo, Bernardo
2017 Ottoman stock returns during the Turco-Italian and Balkan Wars of 1910-1914Hanedar, Avni Önder; Hanedar, Elmas Yaldız
2017 The Bank of England as lender of last resort: New historical evidence from daily transactional dataAnson, Mike; Bhola, David; Kang, Miao; Thomas, Ryland
2017 Market regulation and economic interdependence: Capital supply and aggregate demand in the twentieth centurySelva, Simone
2016 The Bank of England and the genesis of modern managementMurphy, Anne L.
2016 Common law and the origin of shareholder protectionAcheson, Graeme G.; Campbell, Gareth; Turner, John D.
2016 The role of financial elites in banking supervision in Japan from 1927 to 1998Hotori, Eiji
2015 Orthodoxy versus heterodoxy: Inflation, unemployment, growth, profitManera, Carlos
2015 South-Eastern European monetary and economic statistics from the nineteenth century to WWIICostache, Brindusa; Dimitrova, Kalina; Lazaretou, Sophia M.
2015 Monetary policy in Argentina: From the inflation of the 1970s to the default of the new millenniumFerrandino, Vittoria; Sgro, Valentina
2014 Dealing with risk: Underwriting sovereign bond issues in London 1870-1914Mikkelsen, Anders L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28
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