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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Mobile money, market transactions, and household income in rural KenyaKikulwe, Enoch M.; Fischer, Elisabeth; Qaim, Matin
2013Investment Behavior of Ugandan Smallholder Farmers: An Experimental AnalysisIhli, Hanna Julia; Mußhoff, Oliver
2013Spatial patterns of organic agriculture adoption: evidence from HondurasWollni, Meike; Andersson, Camilla
2013Big Constraints or Small Returns? Explaining Nonadoption of Hybrid Maize in TanzaniaKathage, Jonas; Qaim, Matin; Kassie, Menale; Shiferaw, Bekele A.
2013Impact of Third-Party Enforcement of Contracts in Agricultural Markets – A Field Experiment in VietnamSaenger, Christoph; Torero, Maximo; Qaim, Matin
2013Following up on smallholder farmers and supermarketsAndersson, Camilla I. M.; Kiria, Christine G.; Qaim, Matin; Rao, Elizaphan J. O.
2013Do Changing Probabilities or Payoffs in Lottery-Choice Experiments Matter? Evidence from Rural UgandaIhli, Hanna Julia; Chiputwa, Brian; Mußhoff, Oliver
2013Mature and emerging organic markets: Modelling consumer attitude and behaviour with Partial Least Square Approachvon Meyer-Höfer, Marie; von der Wense, Vera; Padilla Bravo, Carlos; Spiller, Achim
2013Food Standards, Certification, and Poverty among Coffee Farmers in UgandaChiputwa, Brian; Qaim, Matin; Spielman, David J.
2013Expectation Gaps and Halo-Effects in Organic Food Positioning: Characteristics of Organic Food from a Consumer’s Point of Viewvon Meyer-Höfer, Marie; Nitzko, Sina; Spiller, Achim