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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Throwing Foreign Aid at HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Missing the Target?Nunnenkamp, Peter; Öhler, Hannes
2010Funding, Competition and the Efficiency of NGOs: An Empirical Analysis of Non-charitable Expenditure of US NGOs Engaged in Foreign AidNunnenkamp, Peter; Öhler, Hannes
2010Aid Allocation by German NGOs: Does the Degree of Public Refinancing Matter?Dreher, Axel; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Thiel, Susann; Thiele, Rainer
2011US based NGOs in International Development Cooperation: Survival of the Fittest?Nunnenkamp, Peter; Öhler, Hannes; Schwörer, Tillmann
2009Aid Allocation through Various Official and Private Channels: Need, Merit and Self-Interest as Motives of German DonorsNunnenkamp, Peter; Öhler, Hannes
2010Does Conditionality Work? A Test for an Innovative US Aid SchemeÖhler, Hannes; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Dreher, Axel
2009Acting Autonomously or Mimicking the State and Peers? A Panel Tobit Analysis of Financial Dependence and Aid Allocation by Swiss NGOsDreher, Axel; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Öhler, Hannes; Weisser, Johannes
2011The Role of Country-of-origin Characteristics for Foreign Direct Investment and Technical Cooperation in Post-reform IndiaDreher, Axel; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya
2011Donations to US based NGOs in International Development Cooperation: How (Un-)Informed Are Private Donors?Nunnenkamp, Peter; Öhler, Hannes
2012Determinants of Donor Generosity: A Survey of the Aid Budget LiteratureFuchs, Andreas; Dreher, Axel; Nunnenkamp, Peter