IDB Working Paper Series, Inter-American Development Bank

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2018 Labor market search, informality and schooling investmentsBobba, Matteo; Flabbi, Luca; Levy, Santiago
2018 Should I stay or should I go? Career choices for young workers in Latin AmericaMartínez Heredia, Diana; Rucci, Graciana; Saltiel, Fernando; Urzúa, Sergio
2018 Is results-based aid more effective than conventional aid? Evidence from the health sector in El SalvadorBernal, Pedro; Celhay, Pablo; Martinez, Sebastian
2017 From debt collection to relief provision: 60 years of official debt restructurings through the Paris ClubCheng, Gong; Díaz-Cassou, Javier; Erce-Domínguez, Aitor
2017 Household education spending in Latin America and the Caribbean: Evidence from income and expenditure surveysAcerenza, Santiago; Gandelman, Néstor
2017 The on-the-job training decision in Latin AmericaEberhard, Juan; Moraga, Gabriel; Nun, Eleonora; Madariaga, Aldo
2017 Certificación internacional de calidad: ¿Señalizando a quién? : impacto en el desempeño de empresas en ArgentinaBernini, Federico; Garone, Lucas Figal; Maffioli, Alessandro
2017 Corporate currency risk and hedging in Chile: Real and financial effectsÁlvarez Espinoza, Roberto; Hansen, Erwin
2017 Capital requirements, risk-taking and welfare in a growing economyAgénor, Pierre-Richard; da Silva, Luiz A. Pereira
2017 Pueden las transferencias monetarias ayudar a que los hogares escapen de una trampa intergeneracional de pobreza?Araújo, María Caridad; Bosch Mossi, Mariano; Schady, Norbert Rüdiger
2017 Can cash transfers help households escape an inter-generational poverty trap?Araújo, María Caridad; Bosch Mossi, Mariano; Schady, Norbert Rüdiger
2017 World shocks, world prices, and business cycles: An empirical investigationFernández Díaz, Andrés; Schmitt-Grohé, Stephanie; Uribe, Martín
2017 Accelerating digital trade in Latin America and the CaribbeanSuominen, Kati
2017 Organizational efficiency or bureaucratic quagmire: Do quality at entry assessments improve project performance?Corral, Leonardo R.; McCarthy, Nancy
2017 Child care quality and child developmentAraujo, María Caridad; Dormal, Marta; Schady, Norbert Rüdiger
2017 In-firm training, innovation and productivity: The case of Caribbean small island developing statesMohan, Preeya; Strobl, Eric; Watson, Patrick
2017 Inequality, crime, and the long-run legacy of slaveryBuonanno, Paolo; Vargas, Juan F.
2017 Ageing poorly? Accounting for the decline in earnings inequality in Brazil, 1995-2012Ferreira, Francisco H.G.; Firpo, Sergio P.; Messina, Julián
2017 Transportation and trade interactions: A trade facilitation perspectiveCarballo, Jerónimo; Schaur, Georg; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2017 Impact of Latin-American and Caribbean antidumping measures on Chinese exportsZhang, Yan
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 603