ROME Discussion Paper Series, Research on Money in the Economy (ROME)

ISSN: 1865-7052

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019Oil price shocks, monetary policy and current account imbalances within a currency unionBaas, Timo; Belke, Ansgar
2019Trade and capital flows: Substitutes or complements? An empirical investigationBelke, Ansgar; Domnick, Clemens
2019The yen exchange rate and the hollowing out of the Japanese industryBelke, Ansgar; Volz, Ulrich
2019QE in the euro area: Has the PSPP benefited peripheral bonds?Belke, Ansgar; Gros, Daniel
2019Did interest rates at the zero lower bound affect lending of commercial banks? Evidence for the euro areaBelke, Ansgar; Dreger, Christian
2019Forecasting ECB policy rates with different monetary policy rulesBelke, Ansgar; Klose, Jens
2019Interest rate bands of inaction and play-hysteresis in domestic investment: Evidence for the euro areaBelke, Ansgar; Frenzel Baudisch, Coletta; Göcke, Matthias
2019Interest rate hysteresis in macroeconomic investment under uncertaintyBelke, Ansgar; Göcke, Matthias
2019From cash to central bank digital currencies and cryptocurrencies: A balancing act between modernity and monetary stabilityBelke, Ansgar; Beretta, Edoardo
2019Multilaterale Interchange-Gebühren: Man sollte das Kind nicht mit dem Bade ausschüttenKrüger, Malte
2018Equilibrium real interest rates, secular stagnation, and the financial cycle: Empirical evidence for euro-area member countriesBelke, Ansgar; Klose, Jens
2018Effektivpreise, Lebenskosten und Kaufkraft des Geldes im NiedrigzinsumfeldTödter, Karl-Heinz; Ziebarth, Gerhard
2018After the bazooka a bonanza from heaven: "Helicopter money" now?Belke, Ansgar
2017Central bank communication: Managing expectations through the monetary dialogueBelke, Ansgar
2017Exchange rate bands of inaction and hysteresis in EU exports to the global economy: The role of uncertaintyBelke, Ansgar; Kronen, Dominik
2017Besser ohne Bargeld? Gesamtwirtschaftliche Wohlfahrtsverluste der BargeldabschaffungRösl, Gerhard; Seitz, Franz; Tödter, Karl-Heinz
2017Money and credit: Lessons of the Irish bank strike of 1970Krüger, Malte
2017Optimal adjustment paths in a monetary unionBelke, Ansgar; Gros, Daniel
2017Bond yield spillovers from major advanced economies to emerging AsiaBelke, Ansgar; Dubova, Irina; Volz, Ulrich
2017The impact of uncertainty on macro variables: An SVAR-based empirical analysis for EU countriesBelke, Ansgar; Kronen, Dominik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 116