ROME Discussion Paper Series, Research on Money in the Economy (ROME)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Business cycle synchronization in the EMU: Core vs. peripheryBelke, Ansgar; Domnick, Clemens; Gros, Daniel
2016 The spread of branch banking and the demand for cash in post-war GermanyKrueger, Malte
2016 Long-term interest rate spillovers from major advanced economies to emerging AsiaBelke, Ansgar; Dubova, Irina; Volz, Ulrich
2016 Policy uncertainty and international financial markets: The case of BrexitBelke, Ansgar; Dubova, Irina; Osowski, Thomas
2016 Transaction balances: From accounting and economics to biologyBartzsch, Nikolaus; Seitz, Franz
2016 Measuring fiscal spillovers in EMU and beyond: A global VAR approachBelke, Ansgar; Osowski, Thomas
2016 (When) should a non-euro country join the banking union?Belke, Ansgar; Dobrzańska, Anna; Gros, Daniel; Smaga, Pawel
2016 On the exposure of the BRIC countries to global economic shocksBelke, Ansgar; Dreger, Christian; Dubova, Irina
2016 Central bank design in a non-optimal currency union: A lender of last resort for government debt?Spahn, Peter
2016 Population growth, saving, interest rates and stagnation: Discussing the Eggertsson-Mehrotra modelSpahn, Peter
2015 Exchange rate bands of inaction and play-hysteresis in Greek exports to the euro area, the US and Turkey: Sectoral evidenceBelke, Ansgar; Kronen, Dominik
2015 Beyond Balassa and Samuelson: Real convergence, capital flows, and competitiveness in GreeceBelke, Ansgar; Haskamp, Ulrich; Schnabl, Gunther; Zemanek, Holger
2015 Brexit: Chance oder Untergang für GroßbritannienPenatzer, Markus
2015 Regional bank efficiency and its effect on regional growth in 'normal' and 'bad' timesBelke, Ansgar; Haskamp, Ulrich; Setzer, Ralph
2015 Planned fiscal consolidations and growth forecast errors: New panel evidence on fiscal multipliersBelke, Ansgar; Kronen, Dominik; Osowski, Thomas
2015 The demand for euro banknotes issued in Germany: Structural modelling and forecastingBartzsch, Nikolaus; Seitz, Franz; Setzer, Ralph
2015 Zins- und Wohlfahrtseffekte extremer Niedrigzinspolitik für die Sparer in DeutschlandRösl, Gerhard; Tödter, Karl-Heinz
2015 Banking union as a shock absorberBelke, Ansgar; Gros, Daniel
2014 Monetary dialogue 2009 - 2014: Looking backward, looking forwardBelke, Ansgar
2014 Non-standard monetary policy measures: Magic wand or tiger by the tail?Belke, Ansgar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 91