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von Hirschhausen, Christian
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EIB Working Papers 2012/04
This study analyzes issues related to green, i.e. low-carbon electricity investment in Europe. While traditionally the focus of attention was on green transmission lines, it has become clear in the course of this study that even though high-voltage electricity transmission is an important element of the decarbonization, there is no green transmission as such. Rather, transmission is greened by decisions on the upstream energy mix; in an extreme view, transmission investment is but a residual from generation decisions, because the choice of the generation portfolio, and its location, directly implies which transmission infrastructure is required. Therefore, green investment necessarily entails an integrated vision of generation and transmission (as well as storage, demand-side flexibility, etc., which for the sake of simplicity we consider to be part of generation). Both require a specific approach to investment since purely market-based competition will not bring about the energy mix that Europe has opted for, e.g. a low carbon energy mix, sketched out in its Energy Roadmap 2050. ...
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Working Paper

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