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2024Dynamics of productive investment and gaps between the United States and EU countriesHanzl-Weiss, Doris; Stehrer, Robert
2024The effect of uncertainty on investment: Evidence from EU survey dataKolev, Atanas; Randall, Timothy
2023Complementarities between local public and private investment in EU regionsBrasili, Andrea; Brasili, Cristina; Musto, Giorgio; Tueske, Annamaria
2023Which European firms were hardest hit by COVID-19?Coad, Alexander; Bauer, Péter; Domnick, Clemens; Harasztosie, Péter; Pál, Rozália; Teruel, Mercedes
2023Trade disruptions in Europe: Evidence from the EIB Investment Survey 2022Brasili, Andrea; Harasztosi, Peter
2023Advanced digital technologies and investment in employee training: Complements or substitutes?Brunello, Giorgio; Rückert, Désirée; Weiss, Christoph; Wruuck, Patricia
2023The effect of EIB operations on private sector lending outside the European UnionGatti, Matteo; Gorea, Denis; Presbitero, Andrea
2023Quantifying credit gaps using survey data on discouraged borrowersAkbas, Ozan E.; Betz, Frank; Gattini, Luca
2022Corporate training and skill gaps: Did Covid-19 stem EU convergence in training investments?Pouliakas, Konstantinos; Wruuck, Patricia
2022Estimating financial integration in Europe: How to separate structural trends from cyclical fluctuationsLake, Alfred; Maurin, Laurent; Minnella, Enrico
2022How much is too much? Assessing the non-linear relationship between debt and sovereign creditworthinessZwart, Sanne
2022COVID-19 and the resilience of European firms: The influence of pre-crisis productivity, digitalisation and growth performanceTeruel, Mercedes; Amaral-Garcia, Sofia; Bauer, Péter; Coad, Alexander; Domnick, Clemens; Harasztosi, Péter; Pál, Rozália
2022Hot off the press: News-implied sovereign default riskDim, Chukwuma; Koerner, Kevin; Wolski, Marcin; Zwart, Sanne
2022Estimating conditional treatment effects of EIB lending to SMEs in EuropeBarbera, Alessandro; Gereben, Aron; Wolski, Marcin
2022How do firms cope with losses from extreme weather events?Benincasa, Emanuela; Betz, Frank; Gattini, Luca
2022A structural analysis of foreign exchange markets in sub-Saharan AfricaKaltenbrunner, Annina; Perez Ruiz, Daniel; Okot, Anjelo
2022Determinants of the exchange rate, its volatility and currency crash risk in Africa's low and lower middle-income countriesOkot, Anjelo; Kaltenbrunner, Annina; Perez Ruiz, Daniel
2022How to foster climate innovation in the European Union: Insights from the EIB Online Survey on Climate InnovationDelanote, Julie; Rückert, Désirée
2022The scarring effects of major economic downturns: The role of fiscal policy and government investmentLarch, Martin; Claeys, Peter; Van Der Wielen, Wouter
2022Productivity and responses to the pandemic: Firm-level evidenceHarasztosi, Péter; Savšek, Simon
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 81
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