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van den Brink, Rene
Khmelnitskaya, Anna
van der Laan, Gerard
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Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 11-089/1
We introduce an Owen-type value for games with two-level communication structures, being structures where the players are partitioned into a coalition structure such that there exists restricted communication between as well as within the a priori unions of the coalition structure. Both types of communication restrictions are modeled by an undirected communication graph, so there is a communication graph between the unions of the coalition structure as well as a communication graph on the players in every union. We also show that, for particular two-level communication structures, the Owen value and the Aumann-Dreze value for games with coalition structures, the Myerson value for communication graph games and the equal surplus division solution appear as special cases of this new value.
TU game
coalition structure
communication graph
Owen value
Myerson value
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Working Paper

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