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Kourtit, Karima
Nijkamp, Peter
Arribas-Bel, Daniel
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Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 13-106/VIII
This paper highlights the ‘magic of diasporas’ - as a source of progress in a globalizing world - with special attention for migrant (or ethnic) entrepreneurship. The present study aims to identify and examine the critical critical success factors of migrant enterprises and their socio-economic implications in modern cities. We will assess the business performance of migrant entrepreneurs by employing a new analytical instrument, coined Super-Efficient Data Envelopment Analysis (Super-DEA). Next, we will offer a multidimensional visualization of the relative differences in the performance of migrant entrepreneurs by introducing a recently developed technique from the cognitive sciences, coined Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs). This analytical apparatus will be tested on the basis of a sample of Moroccan entrepreneurs in four Dutch cities, namely Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. The study will be concluded with some strategic conclusions.
migrant entrepreneurship
diaspora economy
ethnic diversity
foreign migrants
economic performance
social capital
immigrant networks
social networks
Super-Efficient Data Envelopment Analysis
Self-Organizing Maps
SWOT analysis
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Working Paper
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