Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers

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2018 Specification Tests for The Multinomial Logit Model Revisited: The Role of Alternative-Specific ConstantsRouwendal, Jan
2018 Measuring income-related inequalities in risky health prospectsKjellsson, Gustav; Petrie, Dennis; Van Ourti, Tom
2018 Unsecured and Secured FundingDi Filippo, Mario; Ranaldo, Angelo; Wrampelmeyer, Jan
2018 Unclogging the Credit Channel: On the Macroeconomics of Banking FrictionsJakucionyte, Egle; van Wijnbergen, Sweder
2018 Gentrification through the sale of rental housing? Evidence from AmsterdamRouwendal, Jan; Keus, Adriaan; Dekkers, Jasper
2018 Naïve Learning in Social Networks with Random CommunicationHeidergott, Bernd; Huang, Jiaping; Lindner, Ines
2018 Economics in the Anthropocene: Species Extinction or Steady State EconomicsSol, Joeri
2018 The analysis and forecasting of ATP tennis matches using a high-dimensional dynamic modelGorgi, P.; Koopman, Siem Jan; Lit, R.
2018 The family of ideal values for cooperative gamesWang, Wenna; Sun, Hao; van den Brink, Rene; Xu, Genjiu
2018 Fake News and Indifference to Truth: Dissecting Tweets and State of the Union Addresses by Presidents Obama and TrumpAllen, David E.; McAleer, Michael; Reid, David McHardy
2018 Showing Off or Laying Low? The Economics of Psych-outsDenter, Philipp; Morgan, John; Sisak, Dana D.
2018 Does price competition damage healthcare quality?Roos, Anne-Fleur; van Doorslaer, Eddy; O'Donnell, Owen; Schutt, Erik; Varkevisser, Marco
2018 The Effects of Student Feedback to teachers: Evidence from a Field ExperimentBuurman, Margaretha; Delfgaauw, Josse; Dur, Robert A. J.; Zoutenbier, Robin
2018 An Epidemiological Model of Crisis Spread Across Sectors in The United StatesJanssens, Eva F.; Lumsdaine, Robin L.; Vermeulen, Sebastiaan H. L. C. G.
2018 Forecasting with Bayesian Vector Autoregressions with Time Variation in the MeanBanbura, Marta; van Vlodrop, Andries
2018 The option value of vacant land and the optimal timing of city extensionsLange, Rutger-Jan; Teulings, Coen N.
2018 Graded Return-to-Work as a Stepping Stone to Full Work ResumptionKools, Lieke; Koning, Pierre
2018 Unobserved Components with Stochastic Volatility in U.S. Inflation: Estimation and Signal ExtractionLi, Mengheng; Koopman, Siem Jan
2018 Pricing Carbon Emissions in ChinaChang, Chia-Lin; Mai, Te-Ke; McAleer, Michael
2018 The Effect of Community Engagement on Healthcare Utilization and Health Insurance Enrolment in Ghana: Results from a Randomized ExperimentDuku, Stephen K. O.; Nketiah-Amponsahd, Edward; Fenenga, Christine J.; Arhinful, Daniel K.; Janssens, Wendy; Pradhan, Menno
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 2698