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Grabka, Markus M.
DIW Berlin / SOEP
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SOEP Survey Papers 143
The $PEQUV-File is based on the Cross-National Equivalent File (CNEF) with extended income information for the SOEP. This file comprises not only the aggregated income figures provided in the CNEF but also further single income components. The CNEF is a joint effort of researchers and staff affiliated with Cornell University, the DIW Berlin, the University of Essex, Statistics Canada, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research (MI), the Korea Labor Institute and the Swiss Foundation for research in Social Sciences (FORS) funded by the National Institute on Aging and by the DIW Berlin. For extensive documentation of the CNEF cf. or: Joachim R. Frick, Stephen P. Jenkins, Dean R. Lillard, Oliver Lipps, and Mark Wooden (2007): The Cross-National Equivalent File (CNEF) and its Member Country Household Panel Studies. In: Schmollers Jahrbuch (Journal of Applied Social Science Studies), 127(4) , p. 627-654.
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Research Report

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