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Feng, Yuanhua
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CoFE Discussion Paper 02/12
This paper proposes a semiparametric approach by introducing a smooth scale function into the standard GARCH model so that conditional heteroskedasticity and scale change in a financial time series can be modelled simultaneously. An estimation procedure combining kernel estimation of the scale function and maximum likelihood estimation of the GARCH parameters is proposed. Asymptotic proper- ties of the kernel estimator are investigated in detail. An iterative plug-in algorithm is developed for selecting the bandwidth. Practical performance of the proposal is illustrated by simulation. The proposal is applied to the daily S&P 500 and DAX 100 returns. It is shown that there are simultaneously significant conditional heteroskedasticity and scale change in these series.
Semiparametric GARCH
conditional heteroskedasticity
scale change
nonparametric regression with dependence
bandwidth selection
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Working Paper

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