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Kragelund, Peter
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DIIS Working Paper 2007:26
Dette arbejdspapir belyser konsekvenserne for bistandsmodtageme i Afrika af genkomsten af ikke-DAC donorer i Afrika. Det g0res gennem en kategorisering af ikke-DAC donorerne, som papeger ligheder og forskelle mellem donorerne, isrer hvad angar form, indhold, st0rrelse og modalitet. Papiret papeger, at genkomsten af DAC donorer pa den ene side viI 0ge pengestmmmen til Afrika, isrer tillande, der kun i begrrenset omfang modtager DAC-bistand og at denne pengestmm er tret knyttet til handels- og investeringsstmmme. Pa den anden side viI den 0gede mrengde donorer 0ge transaktionsomkostningerne for modtageme i Syd samtidig med at den i mange tilfrelde viI modarbejde harmoniseringstendenser i bistanden.
Abstract (Translated): 
This working paper examines the consequences for the recipients of the return of non-DAC donors to Africa. It categorises non-DAC donors according to the form, content, size and modality of aid in order to reveal similarities and differences. On the one hand, the paper finds that the return of non-DAC donors ceteris paribus will increase the external financial flows to Africa. In particular, it will increase the flows to countries not targeted by the majority of DAC donors. Moreover, these flows are closely related to other financial flows, such as trade and investments. On the other hand, the paper finds that the return of non-DAC donors may conflict with plans to harmonise aid and will simultaneously raise transaction costs for the recipients.
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Working Paper

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