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Escudé, Carlos
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Serie Documentos de Trabajo No. 462
En este trabajo pasaremos revista a algunas consecuencias, para la Argentina en especial y América del Sur en general, del ascenso internacional de la República Popular China. Asimismo, se documentarán percepciones de amenaza engendradas en la potencia declinante, Estados Unidos, debido a la competencia económica y geopolítica global entre ambas, y también como consecuencia de la penetración china en su patio trasero.
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This document reviews the consequences, for Argentina and South America, of the rise of China as the world's second (and soon to be the first) economy, and as the most important trading partner of the main South American economies, as well as a very major investor therein. It also documents perceptions of threat generated in the declining superpower, the United States, both as a consequence of China's penetration of its back yard, and of wider economic and geopolitical competition. The paper includes an up-to-date bibliography of Sino-Latin American relations.
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Working Paper

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