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Minguillón, Roberto F.
Yacuzzi, Enrique
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Serie Documentos de Trabajo, Universidad del CEMA: Área: negocios 399
Occupational Health and Safety Governance (OHSG) is a branch of Corporate Governance by which the board directs and controls labor risks created by their own enterprise. The OHSG concept is relatively new; unlike Occupational Health and Safety Management, which is mostly related to the work of managerial ranks, OHSG deals with principles, the interests of stakeholders, and the work of directors. The paper defines the new concept, OHSG, develops an original health and safety indicator, and presents possible applications for it; as far as we are aware of, the indicator is the first proactive tool in existence to measure OHS governance. Our work is part of an ongoing research project aimed at improving health and safety standards in industry. The indicator takes into account - in its structure - the evaluation style of National Quality Awards, as a pattern to measure, by assigning points, a great number of variables. OHS Governance variables included in the indicator are grouped into areas, themes, dimensions and elements, in order to make them operative and measurable. Measurement is performed by means of a questionnaire, reproduced as an appendix. Maximum scores for each question are assigned following multiple attribute decision theory. The article concludes with reflections on the measurement problem in the social sciences and final thoughts on the characteristics of the proposed indicator.
corporate governance
health and safety governance
measurement of health and safety
health and safety governance indicator
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Working Paper

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