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Apreda, Rodolfo
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Serie Documentos de Trabajo, Universidad del CEMA: Área finanzas 341
This paper sets forth that governance brokerage can be regarded as a natural outgrowth of the actual practice of Corporate Governance. To lay the foundations of our subject, firstly we delve into the dual nature of any transaction. Then we move on to define what the expression governance broker means, underlining five professional arrangements from which governance intermediation can be achieved. Next, it is shown how trade splits up economic agents' information sets, giving rise to the brokerage of asymmetric information. Afterwards, we account for the ways a governance broker meets his goals in dyadic and polyadic relationships, bringing forward distinctive courses of action: clinical assistance, consultancy to foster growth and value, governance engineering, tutoring on global standards of governance, mediation in conflicts of interests, even international intermediation.
governance broker
information sets
dyadic and polyadic relationships
brokerage of asymmetric information
corporate governance
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Working Paper

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