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Escudé, Carlos
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Serie Documentos de Trabajo No. 274
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There is such a thing as an inexorable political process. One such phenomenom was the eventual transformation of the planet Earth into a single unit due to the accumulation of three types of technologies: transportation, communications and mass destruction. Although the triumph of capitalism was not in any way inevitable, this material globalization was inexorable under one system of economic organization or the other. The present essay attempts to show that a wide array of analysts of the contemporary world, from neomarxists to neoliberals, have incurred in similar methodological errors that have prevented them from understanding the inexorability of globalization, and the emerging dangers to the whole of humanity in the realm of security. An economic reductionism common to these schools has made it possible to harbor greater optimism about the future of the world than was warranted, underestimating the dangers that stem from both the proliferation of WMDs, and the mystical-suicide mass-assassination techniques of Islamist transnational terrorism. The correction of this reductionism, through the simple procedure of including the modes of destruction in their proper place within the classic model of historical materialism, leads to what can properly be called rightwing Marxism.
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Working Paper

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