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Klimczuk, Andrzej
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[Editor:] Hittmár, Š. [Title:] Regional Management. Theory, Practice and Development [Publisher:] EDIS, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Žilina [Place:] Žilina [Pages:] 100-104
The shaping of creative economy is particularly important for development of cities and regions. This process can be analyzed in conjunction with changes in work and leisure time and their place in the human life cycle. This article aims to approximate the main features of: contemporary position of elderly people, creative ageing policy, benefits from seniors creativity and controversies linked to this concept. This essay also indicates the patterns of recommendations and activities in development of services for older people which may be the subject of further in-depth research. These examples exist in: (1) documents and strategic programs, (2) the activities of network organizations and (3) the activities of urban cultural and artistic institutions.
creative capital
creative economy
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