MNB Occasional Papers, Magyar Nemzeti Bank

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Exchange rate pass-through after the crisis: The Hungarian experienceHajnal, Mihály; Molnár, György; Várhegyi, Judit
2015 Univariate and multivariate filters to measure the credit gapHosszú, Zsuzsanna; Körmendi, Gyöngyi; Mérő, Bence
2015 Factors of price convergence and its estimated level in HungaryBauer, Péter
2014 Discriminatory versus uniform-price auctionsMonostori, Zoltán
2014 Stress testing at the Magyar Nemzeti BankBanai, Ádám; Hosszú, Zsuzsanna; Körmendi, Gyöngyi; Sóvágó, Sándor; Szegedi, Róbert
2014 The effect of emigration on the Hungarian labour marketBodnár, Katalin; Szabó, Lajos Tamás
2014 Inflation expectations in HungaryGábriel, Péter; Rariga, Judit; Várhegyi, Judit
2014 Banking union through Hungarian eyes: The MNB's assessment of a possible close cooperationKisgergely, Kornél; Szombati, Anikó
2013 Interest rate derivative markets in Hungary between 2009 and 2012 in light of the K14 datasetKocsis, Zalán; Csávás, Csaba; Mák, István; Pulai, György
2013 International experiences and domestic opportunities of applying unconventional monetary policy toolsKrekó, Judit; Balogh, Csaba; Lehmann, Kristóf; Mátrai, Róbert; Pulai, György; Vonnák, Balázs
2013 Transforming subsidiaries into branches: Should we be worrying about it?Fáykiss, Péter; Grosz, Gabriella; Szigel, Gábor
2012 How are firm's wages and prices linked: Survey evidence in EuropeDruant, Martine; Fabiani, Silvia; Kézdi, Gábor; Lamo, Ana; Martins, Fernando; Sabbatini, Roberto
2012 Wage setting in Hungary: Evidence from a firm surveyKézdi, Gábor; Kónya, István
2012 A system-wide financial stress indicator for the Hungarian financial systemHolló, Dániel
2012 Network-based analyses of Hungarian cash supplyBódi-Schubert, Anikó; Ábrahám, Zsolt; Lajkó, Erika
2012 The role of the interchange fee in card payment systemsKeszy-Harmath, Éva; Kóczán, Gergely; Kováts, Surd; Martinovic, Boris; Takács, Kristóf
2011 The role of currency swaps in the domestic banking system and the functioning of the swap market during the crisisPáles, Judit; Kuti, Zsolt; Csávás, Csaba
2011 The map of payments in HungaryHelmeczi, István
2011 Nothing is free: A survey of the social cost of the main payment instruments in HungaryTurján, Anikó; Divéki, Éva; Keszy-Harmath, Éva; Kóczán, Gergely; Takács, Kristóf
2011 Identifying supply and demand in the Hungarian corporate loan marketSóvágó, Sándor
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51