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Blichfeldt, Bodil Stilling
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IME Working Paper 47
Increasingly researchers and practitioners adopt branding to build and manage tourism destination images. However, we have yet to ask the question: Is it pos-sible to build and/or manage destination brands? This crucial question is ad-dressed by means of: (1) recourse to the origins of branding; (2) explication of fundamental differences between such origins and destinations; and (3) e-xemplification by means of resident-tourist interactions. The answer offered by this paper is that destination brands may not be manageable at all – or at least, that destination brands are so different from consumer brands that we have to accept that specific elements of destination brands are unmanageable to an ex-tent that questions much of the taken-for-granted ”destination brand-ing”knowledge. Consequently, the paper discusses what branding/brand man-agement can(not) do for destination image building and management.
destination image
resident-tourist interaction
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Working Paper
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