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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Bank-firm relationships and the performance of non-financial firms during the financial crisis 2008-09: Microeconometric evidence from large-scale firm-level dataAbildgren, Kim; Buchholst, Birgitte Vølund; Staghøj, Jonas
2007Short-term exchange-rate effects of capital flows in a small open economy with pure exchange-rate targeting: Empirical evidence from Denmark's recent exchange-rate history 1984-2004Abildgren, Kim
2004An empirical examination of the purchasing-power-parity hypothesis for Denmark 1875-2002Abildgren, Kim
2009Consumer prices in Denmark 1502-2007Abildgren, Kim
2006Monetary trends and business cycles in Denmark 1875-2005: New evidence using the framework of financial accounts for organising historical financial statisticsAbildgren, Kim
2018Consistency between household-level consumption data from registers and surveysAbildgren, Kim; Kuchler, Andreas; Rasmussen, America Solange Lohmann; Sørensen, Henrik Sejerbo
2013Large sigma events in the European FX markets: Stylised facts from 273 years of quarterly dataAbildgren, Kim
2008Are labour market structures endogenously dependent on the monetary regime? Empirical evidence from Denmark 1875-2007Abildgren, Kim
2015The short-term Danish interbank market before, during and after the financial crisisAbildgren, Kim; Albrechtsen, Nicolaj; Kristoffersen, Mark Strøm; Nielsen, Søren Truels; Tommerup, Rasmus
2004A chronology of Denmark's exchange-rate policy 1875-2003Abildgren, Kim