Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper Series

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Trade credit: Contract-level evidence contradicts current theoriesEllingsen, Tore; Jacobson, Tor; von Schedvin, Erik
2016 Challenges for central banks' macro modelsLindé, Jesper; Smets, Frank; Wouters, Rafael
2016 Fiscal consolidation under imperfect credibilityLemoine, Matthieu; Lindé, Jesper
2016 Curbing shocks to corporate liquidity: The role of trade creditAmberg, Niklas; Jacobson, Tor; von Schedvin, Erik; Townsend, Robert M.
2016 Subprime borrowers, securitization and the transmission of business cyclesGrodecka, Anna
2016 Firms' strategic choice of loan delinquenciesMorales-Avecedo, Paola
2016 Double liability in a branch banking system: Historical evidence from CanadaGrodecka, Anna; Kotidis, Antonis
2016 Fed liftoff and subprime loan interest rates: Evidence from the peer-to-peer lending marketBertsch, Christoph; Hull, Isaiah; Zhang, Xin
2016 The interest rate effects of government bond purchases away from the lower boundDe Rezende, Rafael B.
2016 Real-time forecasting for monetary policy analysis: The case of Sveriges RiksbankIversen, Jens; Laséen, Stefan; Lundvall, Henrik; Söderström, Ulf
2016 Covenant-light contracts and creditor coordinationBecker, Bo; Ivashina, Victoria
2016 Renovatio monetae: Gesell taxes in practiceSvensson, Roger; Westermark, Andreas
2016 Endogenous separations, wage rigidities and employment volatilityCarlsson, Mikael; Westermark, Andreas
2016 Adjusting for information content when comparing forecast performanceAndersson, Michael K.; Aranki, Ted; Reslow, André
2015 A wake-up call theory of contagionAhnert, Toni; Bertsch, Christoph
2015 The importance of reallocation for productivity growth: Evidence from European and US bankingBos, Jaap W. B.; van Santen, Peter C.
2015 Risks in macroeconomic fundamentals and excess bond returns predictabilityDe Rezende, Rafael B.
2015 Jump-starting the euro area recovery: Would a rise in core fiscal spending help the periphery?Blanchard, Olivier; Erceg, Christopher J.; Lindé, Jesper
2015 Modeling financial sector joint tail risk in the euro areaLucas, André; Schwaab, Bernd; Zhang, Xin
2015 Speeding up MCMC by delayed acceptance and data subsamplingQuiroz, Matias; Villani, Mattias; Kohn, Robert
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 274