Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper Series

ISSN: 1402-9103

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 The low-carbon transition, climate commitments and firm credit riskCarbone, Sante; Giuzio, Margherita; Kapadia, Sujit; Krämer, Johannes Sebastian; Nyholm, Ken; Vozian, Katia
2021 On the performance of cryptocurrency fundsBianchi, Daniele; Babiak, Mykola
2021 Dynamic macroeconomic implications of immigrationOlovsson, Conny; Walentin, Karl; Westermark, Andreas
2021 Revisiting the properties of moneyHull, Isaiah; Sattath, Or
2021 The liquidity of the government bond market - What impact does quantitative easing have? Evidence from SwedenGrimaldi, Marianna; Crosta, Alberto; Zhang, Dong
2021 When domestic and foreign QE overlap: Evidence from SwedenDi Casola, Paola; Stockhammar, Pär
2021 Five facts about the distributional income effects of monetary policyAmberg, Niklas; Jansson, Thomas; Klein, Mathias; Rogantini Picco, Anna
2021 The cost of disinflation in a small open economy vis-à-vis a closed economyFaryna, Oleksandr; Jónsson, Magnús; Shapovalenko, Nadiia
2021 Narrative fragmentation and the business cycleBertsch, Christoph; Hull, Isaiah; Zhang, Xin
2021 The costs of macroprudential deleveraging in a liquidity trapChen, Jiaqian; Finocchiaro, Daria; Lindé, Jesper; Walentin, Karl
2020 FAQ: How do I extract the output gap?Canova, Fabio
2020 Big broad banks: How does cross-selling affect lending?Qi, Yingjie
2020 Unemployment fluctuations and nominal GDP targetingBilli, Roberto
2020 The effects of government spending in the EurozoneGabriel, Ricardo Duque; Klein, Mathias; Pessoa, Ana Sofia
2020 Withering cash: Is Sweden ahead of the curve or just special?Armelius, Hanna; Claussen, Carl Andreas; Reslow, André
2020 Labor shortages and wage growthFrohm, Erik
2020 Modeling extreme events: Time-varying extreme tail shapeSchwaab, Bernd; Zhang, Xin; Lucas, André
2020 Quantum technology for economistsHull, Isaiah; Sattath, Or; Diamanti, Eleni; Wendin, Göran
2020 Drivers of consumer prices and exchange rates in small open economiesCorbo, Vesna; Di Casola, Paola
2020 TFP news, stock market booms and the business cycle: Revisiting the evidence with VEC modelsDi Casola, Paola; Sichlimiris, Spyridon
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 359