Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper Series

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Adjusting for information content when comparing forecast performanceAndersson, Michael K.; Aranki, Ted; Reslow, André
2016 Renovatio monetae: Gesell taxes in practiceSvensson, Roger; Westermark, Andreas
2016 Endogenous separations, wage rigidities and employment volatilityCarlsson, Mikael; Westermark, Andreas
2016 Fed liftoff and subprime loan interest rates: Evidence from the peer-to-peer lending marketBertsch, Christoph; Hull, Isaiah; Zhang, Xin
2016 Curbing shocks to corporate liquidity: The role of trade creditAmberg, Niklas; Jacobson, Tor; von Schedvin, Erik; Townsend, Robert M.
2016 Subprime borrowers, securitization and the transmission of business cyclesGrodecka, Anna
2016 Double liability in a branch banking system: Historical evidence from CanadaGrodecka, Anna; Kotidis, Antonis
2016 Trade credit: Contract-level evidence contradicts current theoriesEllingsen, Tore; Jacobson, Tor; von Schedvin, Erik
2016 Real-time forecasting for monetary policy analysis: The case of Sveriges RiksbankIversen, Jens; Laséen, Stefan; Lundvall, Henrik; Söderström, Ulf
2016 Firms' strategic choice of loan delinquenciesMorales-Avecedo, Paola
2016 Covenant-light contracts and creditor coordinationBecker, Bo; Ivashina, Victoria
2016 Challenges for central banks' macro modelsLindé, Jesper; Smets, Frank; Wouters, Rafael
2016 Fiscal consolidation under imperfect credibilityLemoine, Matthieu; Lindé, Jesper
2016 The interest rate effects of government bond purchases away from the lower boundDe Rezende, Rafael B.
2015 What broke first? Characterizing sources of structural change prior to the great recessionHull, Isaiah
2015 Searching for informationHan, Jungsuk; Sangiorgi, Francesco
2015 Speeding up MCMC by efficient data subsamplingQuiroz, Matias; Villani, Mattias; Kohn, Robert
2015 Fuel for economic growth?Gars, Johan; Olovsson, Conny
2015 Scalable MCMC for large data problems using data subsampling and the difference estimatorQuiroz, Matias; Villani, Mattias; Kohn, Robert
2015 Central bank policy paths and market forward rates: A simple modelDe Graeve, Ferre; Iversen, Jens
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 274