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2023Job satisfaction, structure of working environment and firm sizeTansel, Aysıt
2020Female labor force participation in five selected MENA countries: An age-period-cohort analysis (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia)Lassassi, Moundir; Tansel, Aysit
2019English skills, labour market status and earnings of Turkish womenDi Paolo, Antonio; Tansel, Aysit
2019Returns to investment in education: The case of TurkeyPatrinos, Harry Anthony; Psacharopoulos, George; Tansel, Aysit
2018Vergi ve anayasal düzenlemelerin politik Krizler çağında önemi: 1903-1909 döneminde Osmanlı İmparatorluğu ve Paris BorsasıHanedar, Avni Önder; Çalışkan, Mustafa
2018Identifying the default: The Ottoman empire and the İstanbul bourse in the nineteenth centuryHanedar, Avni Önder; Ulussever, Talat; Ertuğrul, Murat
2018Public versus private sector wage gap in Egypt: Evidence from quantile regression on panel dataTansel, Aysit; Keskin, Halil Ibrahim; Ozdemir, Zeynel Abidin
2017Determinants of obesity in Turkey: A quantile regression analysis from a developing countryKaraoğlan, Hanife Deniz; Tansel, Aysit
2017Bariş' ın iktisadi etkisi: Birinci Dünya Savaşı' nın son günlerinde Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nda iktisadi yaşamHanedar, Avni Önder; Aslan, Deniz
2017Analyzing wage differentials by fields of study: Evidence from TurkeyDi Paolo, Antonio; Tansel, Aysit
2017Do emigrants self-select along cultural traits? Evidence from the MENA countriesDocquiera, Frédéric; Tansel, Aysit; Turati, Riccardo
2017Education effects on days hospitalized and days out of work by gender: Evidence from TurkeyTansel, Aysit; Keskin, Halil Ibrahim
2017Ottoman stock returns during the Turco-Italian and Balkan Wars of 1910 -1914Hanedar, Avni Önder; Hanedar, Elmas Yaldız
2017Long memory in Turkish unemployment ratesGil-Alana, Luis A.; Ozdemir, Zeynel Abidin; Tansel, Aysit
2016Does unemployment invariance hypothesis hold for Canada?Tansel, Aysit; Ozdemir, Zeynel Abidin; Aksoy, Emre
2016The causal effect of education on health behaviors: Evidence from TurkeyTansel, Aysit; Karaoğlan, Hanife Deniz
2016Yaşamda ve bİiİmde değİşme esastirBulutay, Tuncer
2015Regional inflation convergence in TurkeyDuran, Hasan Engin
2015Resources on the stage: A firm level analysis of the ICT adoption in TurkeyFindik, Derya; Tansel, Aysıt
2015Southwest as the new internal migration destination in TurkeyAkarca, Ali T.; Tansel, Aysıt
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 293