Freiburger Diskussionspapiere zur Ordnungsökonomik, Universität Freiburg

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2016 Taxing away M&A: The effect of corporate capital gains taxes on acquisition activityFeld, Lars P.; Ruf, Martin; Schreiber, Ulrich; Todtenhaupt, Maximilian; Voget, Johannes
2016 Vertical effects of fiscal rules: The Swiss experienceBurret, Heiko T.; Feld, Lars P.
2016 Fiscal federalism, decentralization and economic growth: A meta-analysisBaskaran, Tushyanthan; Feld, Lars P.; Schnellenbach, Jan
2015 "Freiheit statt Kapitalismus"? Ein Kommentar zu Sahra Wagenknechts Buch aus Freiburger SichtVanberg, Viktor J.
2015 Ordoliberalism, pragmatism and the eurozone crisis: How the German tradition shaped economic policy in EuropeFeld, Lars P.; Köhler, Ekkehard A.; Nientiedt, Daniel
2015 A constitutional economics perspective on soft paternalismSchnellenbach, Jan
2015 (Un-)Sustinability of public finances in German Laender: A panel time series approachBurret, Heiko T.; Feld, Lars P.; Köhler, Ekkehard A.
2015 Fiscal sustainability of the German Laender: Time series evidenceBurret, Heiko T.; Feld, Lars P.; Köhler, Ekkehard A.
2015 The political economy of municipal amalgamation: Evidence of common pool effects and local public debtFeld, Lars P.; Fritz, Benedikt
2015 Is Switzerland an interest rate island after all? Time series and non-linear switching regime evidenceFeld, Lars P.; Köhler, Ekkehard A.
2015 Die politische Ökonomie des Entscheidungsdesigns: Kann Paternalismus liberal sein?Schnellenbach, Jan
2015 Konzeptionelle Lehren aus der ersten Evaluationsrunde der Branchenmindestlöhne in DeutschlandDoerr, Annabelle; Fitzenberger, Bernd
2015 Constitutional political economyVanberg, Viktor J.
2015 Competitive federalism, government's dual role, and the power to taxVanberg, Viktor J.
2014 Weimar Germany: the first open access order that failed?Reckendrees, Alfred
2014 James Buchanan's theory of federalism: From fiscal equity to the ideal political orderFeld, Lars P.
2014 Walter Eucken's role in the early history of the Mont Pèlerin SocietyKolev, Stefan; Goldschmidt, Nils; Hesse, Jan-Otmar
2014 Ordnungspolitik, the Freiburg School and the reason of rulesVanberg, Viktor J.
2014 Neuer Paternalismus und individuelle Rationalität: eine ordnungsökonomische PerspektiveSchnellenbach, Jan
2014 Does classical liberalism imply an evolutionary approach to policy-making?Schnellenbach, Jan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 139
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