Session Handouts, Global Economic Symposium 2008 (GES)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Dealing with terrorismBurrows, Mathew J.; Cleary, Sean; Richardson, Louise
2008 Tackling social fragmentationBerger, Roland; Ernst, Richard
2008 Food versus fuelBangun, Derom; Brown, Lester; Tangermann, Stefan
2008 Financing health care for the poorAriely, Daniel; Bale, Harvey E.; El Banna, Hany; Paulsen, Frederik
2008 Globalization, growth and inclusivenessLeipziger, Danny; Maira, Arun
2008 Empowering the world's poor countriesGlobal Economic Symposium
2008 Global policy response to climte changeCarraro, Carlo; Evans, Richard; Feldmann, John; Sterner, Thomas
2008 Securing access to energyBrown, Lester R.; Burrows, Mathew J.; Butler, Nick; Huntington, Hillard; Teyssen, Johannes
2008 The crisis of water managementBrown, Lester R.; Gordon, Charles; von Braun, Joachim
2008 Enabling poor countries to share knowledgeWaheed Khan, Abdul; Maskus, Keith E.; Vollmar, Marco
2008 Designing immigration policyDe Geus, Aart; Papademetriou, Demetrios; Meissner, Doris; Meyers, Deborah W.; Fix, Michael
2008 Fighting corruption in developing countriesEigen, Peter; Fisman, Raymond; Githongo, John
2008 Skills for the new wafe of globalizationBlinder, Alan S.; Buerkner, Hans-Paul
2008 Tackling the ageing syndromeBorg, Anders; Boersch-Supan, Axel; Visco, Ignazio; Wikstroem, Solveig; Wise, David A.
2008 How globalization transforms the welfare stateAlmunia, Joaquín; Mendes de Azevedo, Belmiro; Heller, Peter S.; Lindbeck, Assar; Posen, Adam S.
2008 Tackling systemic financial riskEichengreen, Barry; Faber, Joachim; Guidotti, Pablo E.; Haley, John J.; Persaud, Avinash; Eatwell, John; Yamaguchi, Yutaka
2008 Energy versus climate changeKnies, Gerhard; Lauk, Kurt; Nakicenovic, Nebojsa; Zwitserloot, Reinier
2008 Strenghtening financial institutionsCavallo, Domingo; Cooley, Thomas; Holmes, Richard
2008 Inequality and globalizationLeamer, Edward
2008 Preventing food prices from creating preventing from Creating poverty and malnutritionDe Geus, Aart; Leipziger, Danny; von Braun, Joachim; Zeigler, Robert Stewart
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22