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[Journal:] Journal of Industrial Engineering International [ISSN:] 2251-712X [Volume:] 8 [Publisher:] Springer [Place:] Heidelberg [Year:] 2012 [Pages:] 1-6
Springer, Heidelberg
This paper deals with the performance enhancement for crystallization unit of a sugar plant using genetic algorithm. The crystallization unit of a sugar industry has three main subsystems arranged in series. Considering exponential distribution for the probable failures and repairs, the mathematical formulation of the problem is done using probabilistic approach, and differential equations are developed on the basis of Markov birth-death process. These equations are then solved using normalizing conditions so as to determine the steady-state availability of the crystallization unit. The performance of each subsystem of crystallization unit in a sugar plant has also been optimized using genetic algorithm. Thus, the findings of the present paper will be highly useful to the plant management for the timely execution of proper maintenance decisions and, hence, to enhance the system performance.
performance enhancement
crystallization unit
genetic algorithm
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