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Filipovic, Sanja
Zubovic, Jovan
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The 3rd International Symposium "Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - realities and perspectives for Romania", Bucharest, Romania, October 11-13, 2012
The aim of this paper is to research potentials for attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI) into agricultural and food processing sector of Serbia. After reviewing the statistical data on agribusiness in Serbia and the framework for FDI, we have designed a special methodology for the purpose of this research. The methodology was based on integrated vertical and horizontal approach, which provides analysis of agricultural and food processing sector up to the sub-sector level. The survey was carried out on the sample of 100 companies per set of criteria which are defined as important for foreign investors. The paper consists of four sections and concluding remarks. At the beginning we have presented the methodology used in the research. The second section emphasizes the importance of agriculture and food processing sector for national economy. The third section provides a picture of national comparative advantages for attraction of FDI into agriculture and food processing industry. The fourth and most important section presents the results of empirical research where we have found that the subsector of fruit and vegetable processing is most interesting for FDI. Finally, the last section summarizes key conclusions from the research undertaken in agribusiness sector of Serbia.
Sub-sectors evaluation
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Conference Paper

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