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Lepădatu, Claudia
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[Title:] Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania. 3rd Edition of the International Symposium, October 2012, Bucharest [Pages:] 205-208
Romanian agriculture is heterogeneous in terms of operating structures and their dual nature is accentuated to the most EU Member States. Structured of exploitation in Romanian agriculture have some positive developments, but insufficient in adapting to the European agricultural model and to enhance the capitalization of national resources. Although there has been some progress still remains an excessive number of individual farms, small and very small performing as a few large and extra large units whose activity was not restructured to become compatible. The notion of size reflects the qualitative side of the production process of concentration and size of the quantitative side mirrors. Farm size refers to agricultural land used or the average farm. In this paper follow the evolution of livestock (no heads) in the farm size classes of utilized agricultural area. In the period 2002-2010, the operating structures in Romanian agriculture have been some developments, but insufficient in adapting to market demands for superior turning community resources that Romania has.
national resources
agricultural area
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Conference Paper

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