Working Papers, International Economics Section, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

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2022 Immigration quotas and anti-immigration attitudes: An evaluation of Swiss migration policyLin, Qingyang
2022 Import shock and local labour market outcomes: A Sino-Indian case studyShi, Feiyang
2022 Enough potential repudiation: Economic and legal aspects of sovereign debt in the pandemic eraGelpern, Anna; Panizza, Ugo
2022 Long-term debt sustainability in emerging market economies: A counterfactual analysisPanizza, Ugo
2022 Nowcasting Bosnia and Herzegovina GDP in Real TimeMusa, Antonio
2022 Do countries default in bad times? The role of alternative detrending techniquesPanizza, Ugo
2022 Real-time pricing and the cost of clean powerImelda, Imelda; Fripp, Matthias; Roberts, Michael J.
2022 Clean energy access: Gender disparity, health, and labour supplyVerma, Anjali P.; Imelda, Imelda
2022 A touch of violence - Welfare outcomes under bride exchange and child bridesKamran, Maria
2022 Do investors care about consumption taxes? Evidence from equities in advanced and emerging economiesPallan, Hayley
2022 Sovereign spreads and corporate taxationPallan, Hayley
2022 A counterfactual analysis of the effects of climate change on the natural interest rateOjeda Joya, Jair Neftali
2022 A mixed duopoly in interbank payment servicesArango-Arango, Carlos A.; Betancourt-García, Yanneth Rocío
2022 Interest rate caps in an economy with formal and informal credit marketsPozo, Jorge
2022 Unravelling the narratives behind macroeconomic forecastsDe Castro-Valderrama, Marcela; Forero-Alvarado, Santiago; Moreno-Arias, Nicolás; Naranjo-Saldarriaga, Sara
2022 Weather shocks and inflation expectations in semi-structural modelsRomero, José Vicente; Naranjo Saldarriaga, Sara
2022 The colonial legacy of education: Evidence from of TunisiaBen Salah, Mhamed; Chambru, Cédric; Fourati, Maleke
2022 Electrifying Nigeria: The impact of rural access to electricity on kids' schoolingNano, Enrico
2022 Nowcasting real GDP in Tunisia using large datasets and mixed-frequency modelsBen Rhomdhane, Hagher; Benlallouna, Brahim Mehdi
2022 Liquidity risk and interdependence in payment systems: The case of PeruBaldoceda, Jushua; Meza, Anthony
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 271