Working Papers, International Economics Section, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

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2022 Electrifying Nigeria: The impact of rural access to electricity on kids' schoolingNano, Enrico
2022 Nowcasting real GDP in Tunisia using large datasets and mixed-frequency modelsBen Rhomdhane, Hagher; Benlallouna, Brahim Mehdi
2022 Liquidity risk and interdependence in payment systems: The case of PeruBaldoceda, Jushua; Meza, Anthony
2021 Role of the media in the inflation expectation formation processYukhymenko, Tetiana
2021 Carbon taxation and inflation: Evidence from the European and Canadian experienceKonradt, Maximilian; Weder, Beatrice
2021 Unconventional credit policy in an economy under zero lower boundPozo, Jorge; Rojas, Youel
2021 Evaluating Growth-at-Risk as a tool for monitoring macro-financial risks in the Peruvian economyChicana, Diego; Nivin, Rafael
2021 State-owned commercial banksPanizza, Ugo
2021 Update to figure 1 in "Macroeconomic Shocks and their Propagation"Chiarotti, Edoardo
2021 The seen and the unseen: Impact of a conditional cash transfer program on prenatal sex selectionJavadekar, Sayli; Saxena, Kritika
2021 The odious Haitian independence debtOosterlinck, Kim; Panizza, Ugo; Weidemaier, W. Mark C.; Gulati, Mitu
2021 Does intangible asset intensity increase profit-shifting opportunities of multinationals?Crotti, Roberto
2021 A BVAR model for forecasting Ukrainian inflationShapovalenko, Nadiia
2021 The misalignment of real effective exchange rate: Evidence from TunisiaDerbali, Ahmed
2021 Empirical estimation of REER trend for UkraineVdovychenko, Artem
2021 The relationship between non-performing loans, banking system stability and economic activity: The case of TunisiaMerhbene, Dorsaf Elbir
2021 Nowcasting in Tunisia using large datasets and mixed frequency modelsBen Romdhane, Hager
2021 The growth-at-risk (GaR) Framework: Implication for UkraineIvanova, Anastasiya; Shmygel, Alona; Lubchuk, Ihor
2021 A generation of Italian economistsNano, Enrico; Panizza, Ugo; Viarengo, Martina
2021 Fundamentals vs. policies: Can the US dollar's dominance in global trade be dented?Georgiadis, Georgios; Le Mezo, Helena; Mehl, Arnaud; Tille, Cédric
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 254