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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark: Relationship banking and conditionality lending In the London market for foreign government debt, 1815 -1913Flandreau, Marc; Flores, Juan H.
2010The economics of badmouthing: Libel law and the underworld of the financial press in France before World War IBignon, Vincent; Flandreau, Marc
2013Collective Action Clauses before they had airplanes: Bondholder committees and the London Stock Exchange in the 19th Century (1827-1868)Flandreau, Marc
2012The price of media capture and the looting of newspapers in interwar FranceBignon, Vincent; Flandreau, Marc
2010The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the rise of the Dollar as an international currency, 1914-1939Eichengreen, Barry; Flandreau, Marc
2013Understanding rating addiction: US courts and the origins of rating agencies' regulatory license (1900-1940)Flandreau, Marc; Sławatyniec, Joanna Kinga
2009The end of gatekeeping: Underwriters and the quality of sovereign bond markets, 1815-2007Flandreau, Marc; Flores, Juan H.; Gaillard, Norbert; Nieto-Parra, Sebastián
2011The changing role of global financial brands in the underwriting of foreign government debt (1815-2010)Flandreau, Marc; Flores, Juan H.; Gaillard, Norbert; Nieto-Parra, Sebastián
2011Where it all began: Lending of last resort and the bank of England during the overend, Gurney Panic of 1866Flandreau, Marc; Ugolini, Stefano
2011Was the emergence of the international gold standard expected? Melodramatic evidence from Indian government securitiesFlandreau, Marc; Oosterlinck, Kim