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2014 Credibility and crisis stress testingOng, Li Lian; Pazarbasioglu, Ceyla
2014 The effects of the clock and kickoff rule changes on actual and market-based expected scoring in NCAA footballLinna, Kenneth; Moore, Evan; Paul, Rodney; Weinbach, Andrew
2014 Financial stability board: Mandate and implementation of its systemic risks standardsWeber, Rolf H.; Staiger, Dominic N.
2014 Family-concentrated ownership in Chinese PLCs: Does ownership concentration always enhance corporate value?Luo, Jin-hui; Liu, Heng
2014 Does trading by small investors improve or deteriorate price efficiency? Evidence from the minimum trade unit changes on the Korea exchangeAhn, Hee-joon
2014 Dilemmas and challenges in the marketing of hybrid organizations: A theoretical exploration of Dutch sheltered work companiesvan der Torre, Lieske; Fenger, Menno; van Twist, Mark; Bressers, Daphne
2014 The long-term game: An analysis of the life expectancy of National Football League playersKoning, Ruud; Matheson, Victor; Nathan, Anil; Pantano, James
2014 Market efficiency and behavioral biases in the WNBA betting marketPaul, Rodney; Weinbach, Andrew
2014 Bank credit risk management and rating migration analysis on the business cycleGavalas, Dimitris; Syriopoulos, Theodore
2014 Sovereign credit risk and stock markets: Does the markets' dependency increase with financial Distress?da Silva, Paulo Pereira
2013 How does the financial crisis affect volatility behavior and transmission among European stock markets?Slimane, Faten Ben; Mehanaoui, Mohamed; Kazi, Irfan Akbar
2013 Bank regulation in dollarized economies: The case of TurkeyRengifo, Erick W.; Ozsoz, Emre; Akinkunmi, Mustapha A.; Court, Eduardo
2013 New evidence on the information and predictive content of the Baltic Dry IndexApergis, Nicholas; Payne, James E.
2013 Doomsday for the euro area: Causes, variants and consequences of breakupBelke, Ansgar; Verheyen, Florian
2013 Organizational mission and revenue diversification among non-profit sports clubsWicker, Pamela; Feiler, Svenja; Breuer, Christoph
2013 The influence of marketing scholarship's legacy on nonprofit marketingWymer, Walter
2013 Systematic positive expected returns in the UK fixed odds betting market: An analysis of the Fink Tank predictionsBuraimo, Babatunde; Peel, David; Simmons, Rob
2013 On the choice of the discount rate and the role of financial variables and physical parameters in estimating the levelized cost of energyManzhos, Sergei
2013 European markets' reactions to exogenous shocks: A high frequency data analysis of the 2005 London bombingsKollias, Christos; Papadamou, Stephanos; Siriopoulos, Costas
2013 Decomposing US money supply changes since the financial crisisRobinson, Richard; El Nasser, Marwan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23