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2020 The Role of Suggestions and Tips in Distorting a Third Party’s DecisionParra, Daniel
2020 Hybrid assessment scheme based on the stern-judging rule for maintaining cooperation under indirect reciprocityOkada, Isamu; Yamamoto, Hitoshi; Uchida, Satoshi
2020 Binding contracts, non-binding promises and social feedback in the intertemporal common-pool resource gamePrzepiorka, Wojtek; Diekmann, Andreas
2020 Thankful or thankless: Does the past's altruism increase the present's public good contributions?Abatayo, Anna Lou; Svenningsen, Lea Skræp; Thorsen, Bo Jellesmark
2020 The two-stage game approach to coalition formation: Where we stand and ways to goHagen, Achim; van Mouche, Pierre H. M.; Weikard, Hans-Peter
2020 Public information: Relevance or salience?Invernizzi, Giovanna M.
2020 Measuring and comparing two kinds of rationalizable opportunity cost in mixture modelsBland, James R.
2020 A condorcet jury theorem for large poisson elections with multiple alternativesGoertz, Johanna M. M.
2020 Does informational equivalence preserve strategic behavior? Experimental results on Trockel's model of Selten's chain store storyDuman, Papatya
2020 Evolution of cooperation for multiple mutant configurations on all regular graphs with N ≤ 14 playersRichter, Hendrik
2020 Fairness preferences in a bilateral trade experimentCiccone, Alice; Rogeberg, Ole; Braaten, Ragnhild Haugli
2020 Subjective homophily and the fixtures problemDuggan, Joseph E.
2020 Introduction to the special issue political games: Strategy, persuasion, and learningGratton, Gabriele; Zudenkova, Galina
2019 Ideal reactive equilibriumSadanand, Asha B.
2019 Give and let give: Alternative mechanisms based on voluntary contributionsGrech, Philip D.
2019 Voting in three-alternative committees: An experimentGoertz, Johanna M. M.; Chernomaz, Kirill
2019 Emotion and knowledge in decision making under uncertaintyMaffioletti, Anna; Santoni, Michele
2019 Sharing a river with downstream externalitiesSteinmann, Sarina; Winkler, Ralph
2019 Indirect evolution and aggregate-taking behavior in a football league: Utility maximization, profit maximization, and successPrinz, Aloys L.
2019 A note on pivotalityPan, Addison
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 379