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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of variance of the effects of a project's location on key issues and challenges in post-disaster reconstruction projectsIsmail, Dzulkarnaen; Majid, Taksiah A.; Roosli, Ruhizal
2017Does foreign direct investment harm the environment in developing countries? Dynamic panel analysis of Latin American countriesBaek, Jungho; Choi, Yoon Jung; Wong, Wing-Keung
2017Fiscal deficit and its impact on economic growth: Evidence from BangladeshHussain, Mohammed Ershad; Haque, Mahfuzul
2017Labor costs and foreign direct investment: A panel VAR approachBayraktar-Sağlam, Bahar; Böke, Selin Sayek
2017The nature of Spain's international cultural tourism throughout the economic crisis (2008-2016): A macroeconomic analysis of tourist arrivals and spendingHidalgo, Carmen; Maene, Olivier
2017A firm-level investigation of innovation in the Caribbean: A comparison of manufacturing and service firmsAlleyne, Antonio; Lorde, Troy; Weekes, Quinn
2017The National Bank of Ukraine communication strategy optimization within the framework of impact on exchange rate expectations of economic agentsHolub, Roksolana; Hlushchenko, Oleksandr
2017A brief overview of international migration motives and impacts, with specific reference to FDIGheasi, Masood; Nijkamp, Peter
2017Stochastic dominance and Omega ratio: Measures to examine market efficiency, arbitrage opportunity, and anomalyGuo, Xu; Jiang, Xuejun; Wong, Wing-Keung
2017The effect of access to information and communication technology on household labor income: Evidence from one laptop per child in UruguayMarandino, Joaquin; Wunnava, Phanindra V.