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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Agricultural contracts, adverse selection, and multiple inputs
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 19, p. 1-33
Goodhue, Rachael; Simon, Leo
2016Consumer ratings and the pricing of experience goods: hedonic regression analysis of beer prices
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 24, p. 1-10
Smith, Rachel A.; McKinney, C. Nicholas; Caudill, Steven B.; Mixon, Franklin G.
2016Demand relationships in orange exports to Russia: a differential demand system approach focusing on Egypt
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 22, p. 1-16
Hatab, Assem Abu
2016The social pillar of sustainability: a quantitative approach at the farm level
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 15, p. 1-19
Gaviglio, Anna; Bertocchi, Mattia; Marescotti, Maria Elena; Demartini, Eugenio; Pirani, Alberto
2016Agricultural technology adoption, commercialization and smallholder rice farmers' welfare in rural Nigeria
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 3, p. 1-24
Awotide, Bola Amoke; Karimov, Aziz A.; Diagne, Aliou
2016Farmgate versus market centre sales: a multi-crop approach
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 21, p. 1-16
Abu, Benjamin Musah; Issahaku, Haruna; Nkegbe, Paul Kwame
2016Do CAP direct payments stabilise farm income? Empirical evidences from a constant sample of Italian farms
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 6, p. 1-17
Severini, S.; Tantari, A.; Di Tommaso, G.
2016Antitrust intervention and price transmission in pasta supply chain
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 2, p. 1-10
Cacchiarelli, Luca; Sorrentino, Alessandro
2016Determinants of agricultural technology adoption under partial population awareness: the case of pigeonpea in Malawi
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 7, p. 1-21
Simtowe, Franklin; Asfawd, Solomon; Abate, Tsedeke
2016Economic and Environmental Impact of National Food Security Act of India
In: volume: 4, 2016, issue: 5, p. 1-23
Sengupta, Priyam; Mukhopadhyay, Kakali