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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018A perspective on the reverse logistics of plastic pallets in CanadaAmin, Saman Hassanzadeh; Wu, Hairong; Karaphillis, George
2018Maintenance and remanufacturing strategy: Using sensors to predict the status of wind turbinesDulman, Mehmet Talha; Gupta, Surendra M.
2018Reverse supply chain issues in Indian electronics industry: A case studyAgrawal, Saurabh; Singh, Rajesh K.; Murtaza, Qasim
2018Evaluation of relationships between GSCM practices and SCP using SEM approach: An empirical investigation on Iranian automobile industryAalirezaei, Armin; Esfandi, Niloofar; Noorbakhsh, Alireza
2018Assessing potentials for mobile/smartphone reuse/remanufacture and recycling in Germany for a closed loop of secondary precious and critical metalsGurita, Nicoleta; Fröhling, Magnus; Bongaerts, Jan
2018Incorporating remanufacturing into the end-of-life vehicles directive: Current presence and the waste problemPaterson, David A. P.; Kao, Chih-Chuan; Ijomah, Winifred L.; Windmill, James F. C.
2018Heuristic procedure for the economic lot-sizing problem with remanufacturing and recovery targetsPiñeyro, Pedro; Viera, Omar
2018A living-sphere approach for locally oriented sustainable designKobayashi, Hideki; Fukushige, Shinichi
2018Korea's remanufacturing industry in comparison with its global status: A case studyKang, Hong-Yoon; Jun, Yong-Sung; Jo, Hyun-Jung; Baek, Chun-Youl; Kim, Young-Chun
2018Addressing today's challenges in automotive remanufacturingCasper, Robert; Sundin, Erik