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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Evaluating two-dimensional warranty policies for remanufactured productsAlqahtani, Ammar Y.; Gupta, Surendra M.
2017Designing distribution systems with reverse flowsTombuş, Ayşe Cilacı; Aras, Necati; Verter, Vedat
2017Pricing, refund, and coordination optimization in a two stages supply chain of green and non-green products under hybrid production modeTaleizadeh, Ata Allah; Heydarian, Hossein
2017Characteristics of cellphones reverse logistics in CanadaNoman, Reaz; Amin, Saman Hassanzadeh
2017Identifying recommendations to promote remanufacturing in EuropeKarvonen, Iris; Jansson, Kim; Behm, Katri; Vatanen, Saija; Parker, David
2017Modularization in material flow simulation for managing production releases in remanufacturingGaspari, Lorenzo; Colucci, Lorenzo; Butzer, Steffen; Colledani, Marcello; Steinhilper, Rolf
2017Impact of various issues on extending the useful life of a product through product recovery optionsMukherjee, Kampan; Mondal, Sandeep; Chakraborty, Kaustov
2017Cost evaluation in design for end-of-Life of automotive componentsAnthony, Catherine; Cheung, Wai M.
2017Combined analyses of costs, market value and eco-costs in circular business models: Eco-efficient value creation in remanufacturingVogtlander, Joost G.; Scheepens, Arno E.; Bocken, Nancy M. P.; Peck, David
2017Investigation into the mechanical and thermal properties of poly(methyl methacrylate) recovered from light guidance panels with a focus on future remanufacturing and sustainable waste managementSuresh, Sunil S.; Mohanty, Smita; Nayak, Sanjay K.