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2015Getting stable: an evaluation of the incentives for permanent contracts in Italy
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 6, S. 1-29
Ciani, Emanuele; De Blasio, Guido
2015The effects of father's worklessness on young adults in the UK
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 2, S. 1-15
Zwysen, Wouter
2015Publicizing the results of standardized external tests: Does it have an effect on school outcomes?
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 7, S. 1-20
Anghel, Brindusa; Cabrales, Antonio; Sainz, Jorge; Sanz, Ismael
2015Religious diversity and entrepreneurship in transition: Lessons for policymakers
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 5, S. 1-21
Nikolova, Elena; Simroth, Dora
2015Determinants for the transition from work into retirement in Europe
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 4, S. 1-19
Riedel, Monika; Hofer, Helmut; Wögerbauer, Birgit
2015An ex ante evaluation of the Revenu de Solidarité Active by micro-macro simulation techniques
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 17, S. 1-20
Canova, Luciano; Piccoli, Luca; Spadaro, Amedeo
2015Tradable Refugee-admission Quotas (TRAQs), the Syrian Crisis and the new European Agenda on Migration
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 23, S. 1-13
Fernández-Huertas Moraga, Jesús; Rapoport, Hillel
2015Working time accounts and firm performance in Germany
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 24, S. 1-18
Bellmann, Lutz; Hübler, Olaf
2015An empirical inquiry into the determinants of public education spending in Europe
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 25, S. 1-24
Dragomirescu-Gaina, Catalin
2015Gender and occupational wage gaps in Romania: From planned equality to market inequality?
In: Band: 4, 2015, Heft: 10, S. 1-27
Andrén, Daniela; Andrén, Thomas