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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Income, amenities and negative attitudesWaisman, Gisela; Larsen, Birthe
2016 Dynamics of employment assimilationAkay, Alpaslan
2016 Migrants from marginal dry areas in Syria: Destinations, employment, and returnsAbdelali-Martini, Malika; Ibrahim, Kindah; Dhehibi, Boubaker
2016 Wage discrimination against immigrants: Measurement with firm-level productivity dataKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, François
2016 The determinants of Mexican migrants' duration in the United States: Family composition, psychic costs, and human capitalLi, Shan
2016 The regional impact of cultural diversity on wages: Evidence from AustraliaElias, Amanuel; Paradies, Yin
2016 Spain: From massive immigration to vast emigration?Izquierdo, Mario; Jimeno, Juan F.; Lacuesta, Aitor
2016 The cost of immigrants' occupational mismatch and the effectiveness of postarrival policies in CanadaAydede, Yigit; Dar, Atul
2016 The remittance behaviour of Kenyan sibling migrantsJena, Farai
2015 Why do migrants remit? Testing hypotheses for the case of MoroccoBouoiyour, Jamal; Miftah, Amal
2015 Migration magnet: The role of work experience in rural-urban wage differentialsMichaelsen, Maren; Haisken-DeNew, John
2015 An alternative model of international migration: Endogenous two sided borders and optimal legal systemsChaabane, Inaam; Gaumont, Damien
2015 Migration and educational aspirations: Another channel of brain gain?Böhme, Marcus H.
2015 Skill mismatch among migrant workers: Evidence from a large multi-country datasetVisintin, Stefano; Tijdens, Kea; Klaveren, Maarten van
2015 International knowledge flows and technological advance: The role of migrationDouglas, Kacey N.
2015 How do migrants save? Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey on temporary and permanent migrants versus nativesDe Arcangelis, Giuseppe; Joxh, Majlinda
2015 Immigrants and gender roles: Assimilation vs. cultureBlau, Francine
2015 Can immigrants help women "have it all"? Immigrant labor and women's joint fertility and labor supply decisionsFurtado, Delia
2015 Left-behind children and return migration in ChinaDémurger, Sylvie; Xu, Hui
2015 Born abroad and educated here: Examining the impacts of education and skill mismatch among immigrant graduates in EuropeMcGuinness, Seamus; Byrne, Delma
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 115