Journal for East European Management Studies (JEEMS), Rainer Hampp Verlag

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Diffusion of innovation in service firms: Hungarian versus Slovakian business service firmsMakó, Csaba; Csizmadia, Péter; Illéssy, Miklós; Iwasaki, Ichiro; Szanyi, Miklós
2013 Drivers and strategies of international new ventures from a Central European transition economyNowiński, Witold; Rialp, Alex
2013 EditorialSouslby, Anna
2013 Performance management system implementation in a Southeast European transitional countryJankulović, Aleksandar; Škorić, Vladimir
2013 Why some Russian industrial companies innovate regularly: Determinants of firms' decisions to innovate and associated routinesGurkov, Igor
2013 Management disclosure practices for disaggregated (financial) information in Slovenian unlisted companiesZdolsek, Daniel; Kolar, Iztok
2013 The moderating effects of national culture on the development of organizational learning culture: A multilevel study across seven countriesŠkerlavaj, Miha; Su, Chunke; Huang, Meikuan
2013 EditorialLang, Reinhart
2013 Determinants of foreign direct investment ownership mode choice: Evidence from Nordic investments in Central and Eastern EuropeLarimo, Jorma; Arslan, Ahmad
2013 The role of psychic distance stimuli on the East-West FDI location structure in the EU: Evidence from Spanish MNEsPalmero, Alfredo Jiménez; Durán Herrera, Juan José; de la Fuente Sabaté, Juan Manuel
2013 Leadership styles: Inertia and changes in the Czech RepublicAuer-Rizzi, Werner; Reber, Gerhard
2012 Linking the cultural capital of the entrepreneur and early performance of new ventures: A cross-country comparisonWdowiak, Malgorzata A.; Schwarz, Erich J.; Breitenecker, Robert J.; Wright, Richard W.
2012 Signalling legitimacy for SMEs transition environments: The case of the Bulgarian IT sectorIvanova, Olga; Castellano, Sylvaine
2012 From the chaos of transition economy to 'normalized' managerial practices: The role of group interaction in creating meaning in managerial workSerdukov, Svetlana
2012 School management in Serbia: Key aspects of its relation to school successRatkovic Njegovan, Biljana; Crnomarkovic, Milos
2012 Measuring corporate social responsibility towards employeesRemišová, Anna; Búciová, Zuzana
2012 Gender specifics in entrepreneurs' personal characteristicsSirec, Karin; Mocnik, Dijana
2012 The influence of entrepreneur's characteristics on small manufacturing firm debt financingSlavec, Alenka; Prodan, Igor
2012 The impact of technology-enhanced organisational learning on business performance: An empirical studyArh, Tanja; Jerman Blaézic, Borka; Dimovski, Vlado
2012 EditorialClark, Ed
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 408