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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Leadership styles: Inertia and changes in the Czech RepublicAuer-Rizzi, Werner; Reber, Gerhard
2013 EditorialLang, Reinhart
2013 The role of psychic distance stimuli on the East-West FDI location structure in the EU: Evidence from Spanish MNEsPalmero, Alfredo Jiménez; Durán Herrera, Juan José; de la Fuente Sabaté, Juan Manuel
2013 The moderating effects of national culture on the development of organizational learning culture: A multilevel study across seven countriesŠkerlavaj, Miha; Su, Chunke; Huang, Meikuan
2013 Diffusion of innovation in service firms: Hungarian versus Slovakian business service firmsMakó, Csaba; Csizmadia, Péter; Illéssy, Miklós; Iwasaki, Ichiro; Szanyi, Miklós
2013 Drivers and strategies of international new ventures from a Central European transition economyNowiński, Witold; Rialp, Alex
2013 Determinants of foreign direct investment ownership mode choice: Evidence from Nordic investments in Central and Eastern EuropeLarimo, Jorma; Arslan, Ahmad
2013 Management disclosure practices for disaggregated (financial) information in Slovenian unlisted companiesZdolsek, Daniel; Kolar, Iztok
2013 Performance management system implementation in a Southeast European transitional countryJankulović, Aleksandar; Škorić, Vladimir
2013 EditorialSouslby, Anna
2013 Why some Russian industrial companies innovate regularly: Determinants of firms' decisions to innovate and associated routinesGurkov, Igor
2012 Linking the cultural capital of the entrepreneur and early performance of new ventures: A cross-country comparisonWdowiak, Malgorzata A.; Schwarz, Erich J.; Breitenecker, Robert J.; Wright, Richard W.
2012 The influence of entrepreneur's characteristics on small manufacturing firm debt financingSlavec, Alenka; Prodan, Igor
2012 Two decades of post-socialism in Serbia: Lessons learned and emerging issues in human resource managementBogicevic Milikic, Biljana; Janicijevic, Nebojsa; Cerovic, Bozidar
2012 School management in Serbia: Key aspects of its relation to school successRatkovic Njegovan, Biljana; Crnomarkovic, Milos
2012 Do managers at two hierarchical levels differ in how they assess their company's market orientation?Bodlaj, Mateja
2012 Exploratory study of quality and excellence approaches and continuous improvement from the perspective of new institutionalismKern Pipan, Karmen; Gomiéscek, Boéstjan; Mayer, Janez
2012 EditorialRybnikova, Irma
2012 Relationship between GLOBE organizational culture dimensions, job satisfaction and leader-member exchange in Serbian organizationsVukonjanski, Jelena; Nikolic, Milan; Hadézic, Olga; Terek, Edit; Nedeljkovic, Milena
2012 EditorialSteger, Thomas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 408