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2012 Editorial: The future of trade unions in Europe. Part IMatiaske, Wenzel; Grözinger, Gerd
2012 Empowering people in the business frontline: The Ruggie's framework and the capability approachCanton, César G.
2012 A sustainability perspective on flexible HRM: How to cope with paradoxes of contingent workKozica, Arjan M. F.; Kaiser, Stephan
2012 Long-term unemployment and the capability approach: The case of the German labor marketOlejniczak, Michael
2012 Recent developments and future prospects on sustainable human resource management: Introduction to the special issueEhnert, Ina; Harry, Wes
2012 The relevance of corporate social responsibility for a sustainable human resource management: An analysis of organizational attractiveness as a determinant in employees' selection of a (potential) employerLis, Bettina
2012 Employer branding: Sustainable HRM as a competitive advantage in the market for high-quality employeesApp, Stefanie; Merk, Janina; Büttgen, Marion
2012 An essay on sustainable work systems: Shaping an agenda for future researchJackson, Keith
2012 Current situation and future trends of the industrial relations system and trade unions in GreeceNikolopoulos, Andreas; Patra, Eleni
2012 The future of the French trade unionsAndolfatto, Dominique; Labbé, Dominique
2012 Unions in Britain: Merely on the margins or on the cusp of a comeback?Gall, Gregor
2012 Hungarian unions: Responses to political challengesNeumann, László
2012 Editorial: The future of trade unions in Europe. Part IIMatiaske, Wenzel; Grözinger, Gerd
2011 Ordinary atypical workers, participation within the firm and innovation: A theoretical endeavor and empirical outlookTorka, Nicole; Looise, Jan Kees; Zagelmeyer, Stefan
2011 Are there spillover effects of a family supportive work environment on employees without childcare responsibilities?Feierabend, Anja; Mahler, Philippe; Staffelbach, Bruno
2011 Mixed impressions: Respectable work and slow progress in the science of personnel management within German speaking countriesMartin, Albert
2011 Between keeping your head down and trying to get noticed: Agency workers in French car assembly plantsPurcell, Christina; Brook, Paul; Lucas, Rosemary
2011 Introduction: Job satisfaction revisitedMatiaske, Wenzel; Grözinger, Gerd
2011 Germany's next top manager: Does personality explain the gender career gap?Fietze, Simon; Holst, Elke; Tobsch, Verena
2011 Employer behavior human resource management research and teaching in Germany and Austriavon Eckardstein, Dudo; Konlechner, Stefan
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 227