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2018 The shaded side of the UHC cube: A systematic review of human resources for health management and administration in social health protection schemesObermann, Konrad; Chanturidze, Tata; Glazinski, Bernd; Dobberschuetz, Karin; Steinhauer, Heiko; Schmidt, Jean-Olivier
2018 The relationship between target joints and direct resource use in severe haemophiliaO'Hara, Jamie; Walsh, Shaun; Camp, Charlotte; Mazza, Giuseppe; Carroll, Liz; Hoxer, Christina; Wilkinson, Lars
2018 Prenatal care and socioeconomic status: Effect on cesarean deliveryMilcent, Carine; Zbiri, Saad
2018 Association of child maltreatment with South African adults' wages: Evidence from the Cape Area panel studyZheng, Xiaodong; Fang, Xiangming; Fry, Deborah A.; Ganz, Gary; Casey, Tabitha; Hsiao, Celia; Ward, Catherine L.
2018 Hepatocellular carcinoma after prior sorafenib treatment: Incidence, healthcare utilisation and costs from German statutory health insurance claims dataClouth, Johannes; Liepa, Astra M.; Moeser, Guido; Friedel, Heiko; Bernzen, Magdalena; Trojan, Jörg; Garal-Pantaler, Elena
2018 Hospitalization rates and resource utilization of schizophrenic patients switched from oral antipsychotics to aripiprazole-depot in GermanyPotempa, Christoph; Rychlik, Reinhard
2018 A survey-based design of a pricing system for psychotherapyHulliger, Beat; Sterchi, Martin
2018 Leveraging EUnetHTA's conceptual framework to compare HTA decision drivers in France, Italy, and Germany from a manufacturer's point of viewGiuliani, Giovanni; Chassagnol, Frederic; Traub, David; Gyldmark, Marlene; Hebborn, Ansgar; Ducournau, Pierre; Ruoff, Jörg
2018 Does happiness matter to health system efficiency? A performance analysisSee, Kok Fong; Yen, Siew Hwa
2018 A systematic review about costing methodology in robotic surgery: Evidence for low quality in most of the studiesKorsholm, Malene; Sørensen, Jan; Mogensen, Ole; Wu, Chunsen; Karlsen, Kamilla; Jensen, Pernille T.
2018 Understanding the adoption of new drugs decided by several stakeholders in the South Korean market: A nonparametric event history analysisSon, Kyung-Bok
2018 CancerCostMod: A model of the healthcare expenditure, patient resource use, and patient co-payment costs for Australian cancer patientsBates, Nicole; Callander, Emily; Lindsay, Daniel; Watt, Kerrianne
2018 Out-of-pocket expenditure on maternity care for hospital births in Uttar Pradesh, IndiaGoli, Srinivas; Rammohan, Anu; Moradhvaj
2018 Cost-effectiveness of continuity of midwifery care for women with complex pregnancy: A structured review of the literatureDonnellan-Fernandez, Roslyn E.; Creedy, Debra K.; Callander, Emily J.
2018 The impact of pre and perinatal lifestyle factors on child long term health and social outcomes: A systematic reviewBell, Kerry; Corbacho, Belen; Ronaldson, Sarah; Richardson, Gerry; Torgerson, David J.; Robling, Michael
2018 Application of the HTA Core Model for complex evaluation of the effectiveness and quality of Radium-223 treatment in patients with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancerBilekova, Beata Kiselova; Gavurova, Beata; Rogalewicz, Vladimír
2018 How much does community-based targeting of the ultra-poor in the health sector cost? Novel evidence from Burkina FasoBeaugé, Yvonne; Koulidiati, Jean-Louis; Ridde, Valéry; Robyn, Paul Jacob; De Allegri, Manuela
2018 Market withdrawals' of medicines in Germany after AMNOG: A comparison of HTA ratings and clinical guideline recommendationsStaab, Thomas R.; Walter, Miriam; Mariotti Nesurini, Sonja; Dintsios, Charalabos-Markos; von der Schulenburg, Johann-Matthias; Amelung, Volker E.; Ruoff, Jörg
2018 Extension of mandatory health insurance to informal sector workers in TogoDjahini-Afawoubo, Dosse Mawussi; Atake, Esso-Hanam
2018 Health shocks in Sub-Saharan Africa: Are the poor and uninsured households more vulnerable?Atake, Esso-Hanam
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 289