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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Socioeconomic inequality of diabetes patients' health care utilization in Denmark
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 21, p. 1-22
Sortsø, Camilla; Lauridsen, Jørgen; Emneus, Martha; Green, Anders; Jensen, Peter Bjødstrup
2017On the interdependence of ambulatory and hospital care in the German health system
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 2, p. 1-19
Büyükdurmus, Tugba; Kopetsch, Thomas; Schmitz, Hendrik; Tauchmann, Harald
2017Economic conditions, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease: Analysis of the Icelandic economic collapse
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 20, p. 1-21
Birgisdóttir, Kristín Helga; Jónsson, Stefán Hrafn; Ásgeirsdóttir, Tinna Laufey
2017Cost-utility analysis of dynamic intraligamentary stabilization versus early reconstruction after rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 8, p. 1-8
Bierbaum, Martin; Schöffski, Oliver; Schliemann, Benedikt; Kösters, Clemens
2017Technical efficiency of selected hospitals in Eastern Ethiopia
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 24, p. 1-13
Ali, Murad; Debela, Megersa; Bamud, Tewfik
2017Does birth under-registration reduce childhood immunization? Evidence from the Dominican Republic
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 14, p. 1-18
Brito, Steve; Corbacho, Ana; Osorio, Rene
2017National health insurance subscription and maternal healthcare utilisation across mothers' wealth status in Ghana
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 16, p. 1-15
Ameyaw, Edward Kwabena; Kofinti, Raymond Elikplim; Appiah, Francis
2017A comparative analysis of a disposable and a reusable pedicle screw instrument kit for lumbar arthrodesis: Integrating HTA and MCDA
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 17, p. 1-10
Ottardi, Claudia; Damonti, Alessio; Porazzi, Emanuele; Foglia, Emanuela; Ferrario, Lucrezia; Villa, Tomaso; Aimar, Enrico; Brayda-Bruno, Marco; Galbusera, Fabio
2017Assessing the impact of state "opt-out" policy on access to and costs of surgeries and other procedures requiring anesthesia services
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 10, p. 1-25
Schneider, John E.; Ohsfeldt, Robert; Li, Pengxiang; Miller, Thomas R.; Scheibling, Cara
2017Assessing the effects of price regulation and freedom of choice on quality: Evidence from the physiotherapy market
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 25, p. 1-16
Pekola, Piia; Linnosmaa, Ismo; Mikkola, Hennamari