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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017The premarket assessment of the cost-effectiveness of a predictive technology "Straticyte TM" for the early detection of oral cancer: A decision analytic model
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 35, p. 1-9
Khoudigian-Sinani, S.; Blackhouse, G.; Levine, M.; Thabane, L.; O'Reilly, D.
2017Some microeconometric evidence on the relationship between health and income
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 27, p. 1-18
Adeline, Amélie; Delattre, Eric
2017Palivizumab in the prevention of severe respiratory syncytial virus infection in children with congenital heart disease: A novel cost-utility modeling study reflecting evidence-based clinical pathways in Spain
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 47, p. 1-8
Schmidt, Ralph; Majer, Istvan; Román, Natalia García; Basterra, Alejandra Rivas; Grubb, ElizaBeth; López, Constancio Medrano
2017The net effects of medical malpractice tort reform on health insurance losses: The Texas experience
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 42, p. 1-16
Born, Patricia; Karl, J. Bradley; Viscusi, W. Kip
2017Convergence and determinants of health expenditures in OECD countries
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 29, p. 1-11
Nghiem, Son; Connelly, Luke Brian
2017Does spending matters? Re-looking into various covariates associated with Out of Pocket Expenditure (OOPE) and catastrophic spending on accidental injury from NSSO 71st round data
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 48, p. 1-16
Pradhan, Jalandhar; Dwivedi, Rinshu; Pati, Sanghamitra; Rout, Sarit Kumar
2017The cost-effectiveness of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation: A systematic review of the characteristics and methodological quality of published literature
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 37, p. 1-23
Edwards, Katherine; Jones, Natasha; Newton, Julia; Foster, Charlie; Judge, Andrew; Jackson, Kate; Arden, Nigel K.; Pinedo-Villanueva, Rafael