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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Income-related inequalities in diseases and health conditions over the business cycle
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 12, p. 1-17
Ásgeirsdóttir, Tinna Laufey; Jóhannsdóttir, Hildur Margrét
2017Medicare modernization and diffusion of endoscopy in FFS medicare
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 13, p. 1-9
Mobley, Lee R.; Amaral, Pedro; Kuo, Tzy-Mey; Zhou, Mei; Bose, Srimoyee
2017Health expenditure and economic growth: A review of the literature and an analysis between the economic community for central African states (CEMAC) and selected African countries
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 23, p. 1-13
Piabuo, Serge Mandiefe; Tieguhong, Julius Chupezi
2017Overcoming resistance against managed care: Insights from a bargaining model
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 19, p. 1-9
Ehlert, Andree; Wein, Thomas; Zweifel, Peter
2017Costs of productivity loss due to occupational cancer in Canada: Estimation using claims data from Workers' Compensation Boards
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 9, p. 1-11
Wranik, W. Dominika; Muir, Adam; Hu, Min
2017Hospital physician payment mechanisms in Austria: Do they provide gateways to institutional corruption?
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 11, p. 1-13
Sommersguter-Reichmann, Margit; Stepan, Adolf
2017Results of a randomized controlled trial analyzing telemedically supported case management in the first year after living donor kidney transplantation: A budget impact analysis from the healthcare perspective
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 1, p. 1-8
Kaier, Klaus; Hils, Silvia; Fetzer, Stefan; Hehn, Philip; Schmid, Anja; Hauschke, Dieter; Bogatyreva, Lioudmila; Jänigen, Bernd; Pisarski, Przemyslaw
2017Distinct impacts of high intensity caregiving on caregivers' mental health and continuation of caregiving
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 15, p. 1-18
Kumagai, Narimasa
2017Policy makers, the international community and the population in the prevention and treatment of diseases: Case study on HIV/AIDS
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 5, p. 1-12
Hausken, Kjell; Ncube, Mthuli
2017Is health care a necessary or luxury product for Asian countries? An answer using panel approach
In: volume: 7, 2017, issue: 4, p. 1-12
Abdullah, S. M.; Siddiqua, Salina; Huque, Rumana