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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016No theory: An explanation of the lack of consistency in cross-country health care comparisons using non-parametric estimators
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 40, p. 1-12
Gearhart, Richard
2016Efficiency of Ontario primary care physicians across payment models: A stochastic frontier analysis
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 22, p. 1-10
Laberge, Maude; Wodchis, Walter P.; Barnsley, Jan; Laporte, Audrey
2016Regional inequalities in child malnutrition in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen: A Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition analysis
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 23, p. 1-11
Sharaf, Mesbah Fathy; Rashad, Ahmed Shoukry
2016Heterogeneity in general practitioners' preferences for quality improvement programs: A choice experiment and policy simulation in France
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 44, p. 1-11
Ammi, Mehdi; Peyron, Christine
2016Comparison of post-authorisation measures from regulatory authorities with additional evidence requirements from the HTA body in Germany: Are additional data requirements by the Federal Joint Committee justified?
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 46, p. 1-11
Ruof, Jörg; Staab, Thomas; Dintsios, Charalabos-Markos; Schröter, Jakob; Schwartz, Friedrich Wilhelm
2016Health expenditures spent for prevention, economic performance, and social welfare
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 45, p. 1-10
Wang, Fuhmei; Wang, Jung-Der; Huang, Yu-Xiu
2016Cost of a lymphedema treatment mandate: 10 years of experience in the Commonwealth of Virginia
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 42, p. 1-12
Weiss, Robert
2016Structural equation modeling for decomposing rank-dependent indicators of socioeconomic inequality of health: An empirical study
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 56, p. 1-13
Kessels, Roselinde; Erreygers, Guido
2016Patient dumping, outlier payments, and optimal healthcare payment policy under asymmetric information
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 57, p. 1-11
Takahara, Tsuyoshi
2016Mixed method versus full top-down microcosting for organ recovery cost assessment in a French hospital group
In: volume: 6, 2016, issue: 53, p. 1-7
Hrifach, Abdelbaste; Brault, Coralie; Couray-Targe, Sandrine; Badet, Lionel; Guerre, Pascale; Ganne, Christell; Serrier, Hassan; Labeye, Vanessa; Farge, Pierre; Colin, Cyrille