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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Mind the information gap: Fertility rate and use of cesarean delivery and tocolytic hospitalizations in Taiwan
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 20, p. 1-15
Ma, Ke-zong M.; Norton, Edward C.; Lee, Shoou-yih D.
2011The effect of seniority and education on departmental dictation utilization
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 8, p. 1-6
Bax, Kevin C.; Norozi, Kambiz; Sharma, Ajay P.; Filler, Guido
2011Flat-of-the-curve medicine: A new perspective on the production of health
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 2, p. 1-10
Schoder, Johannes; Zweifel, Peter
2011Quality of life results of balloon kyphoplasty versus non surgical management for osteoporotic vertebral fractures in Germany
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 7, p. 1-7
Eidt-Koch, Daniela; Greiner, Wolfgang
2011Changes in the nutrient content of American diets
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 19, p. 1-11
Huang, Kuo S.; Huang, Sophia Wu
2011Measuring economic consequences of preterm birth: Methodological recommendations for the evaluation of personal burden on children and their caregivers
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 6, p. 1-10
Hodek, Jan-Marc; von der Schulenburg, J.-Matthias; Mittendorf, Thomas
2011Private hospital accreditation and inducement of care under the Ghanaian National Insurance Scheme
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 13, p. 1-9
Amporfu, Eugenia
2011Considerations about the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of therapies in the treatment of hyperphosphataemia
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 1, p. 1-9
Plagemann, Thomas; Prenzler, Anne; Mittendorf, Thomas
2011Healthy vs. unhealthy food: A strategic choice for firms and consumers
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 4, p. 1-8
Antoñanzas, Fernando; Rodríguez-Ibeas, Roberto
2011Transitivity in health utility measurement: An experimental analysis
In: volume: 1, 2011, issue: 12, p. 1-4
Schmidt, Ulrich; Stolpe, Michael