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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015The cost-effectiveness of celecoxib versus non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs plus proton-pump inhibitors in the treatment of osteoarthritis in Saudi Arabia
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 13, p. 1-8
Nasef, Sherif A.; Shaaban, A. Aziz; Mould-Quevedo, Joaquin; Ismail, Tarek A.
2015Economic impact of homeopathic practice in general medicine in France
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 18, p. 1-9
Colas, Aurélie; Danno, Karine; Tabar, Cynthia; Ehreth, Jenifer; Duru, Gérard
2015Cost effectiveness of lanthanum carbonate in chronic kidney disease patients in Spain before and during dialysis
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 14, p. 1-9
Gros, Blanca; Galán, Antonio; González-Parra, Emilio; Herrero, Jose A.; Echave, Maria; Vegter, Stefan; Tolley, Keith; Oyagüez, Itziar
2015Exploratory cost-effectiveness analysis of cardiac resynchronization therapy with systematic device optimization vs. standard (non-systematic) optimization: A multinational economic evaluation
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 19, p. 1-10
Banz, Kurt; Delnoy, Peter Paul; Billuart, Jean Renaud
2015The Ebola contagion and forecasting virus: Evidence from four African countries
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 16, p. 1-15
Nadhem, Selmi; Nejib, Hachicha D.
2015Health service availability and health seeking behaviour in resource poor settings: Evidence from Mozambique
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 26, p. 1-13
Anselmi, Laura; Lagarde, Mylène; Hanson, Kara
2015Socio-economic determinants of life expectancy in Nigeria (1980-2011)
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 2, p. 1-11
Sede, Peter I.; Ohemeng, Williams
2015Breast and cervical cancer screening in Great Britain: Dynamic interrelated processes
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 32, p. 1-17
Labeit, Alexander; Peinemann, Frank
2015Quantifying the broader economic consequences of quadrivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in Germany applying a government perspective framework
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 23, p. 1-11
Kotsopoulos, Nikolaos; Connolly, Mark P.; Remy, Vanessa
2015Is healthcare a "necessity" or "luxury"? An empirical evidence from public and private sector analyses of South-East Asian countries?
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 3, p. 1-9
Khan, Jahangir A. M.; Mahumud, Rashidul Alam