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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014A multilevel analysis of prenatal care and birth weight in Kenya
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 33, p. 1-16
Awiti, Japheth Osotsi
2014Stated Choice design comparison in a developing country: Recall and attribute nonattendance
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 25, p. 1-12
Iles, Richard A.; Rose, John M.
2014Results from an exploratory study to test the performance of EQ-5D-3L valuation subsets based on orthogonal designs, and an investigation into some modeling and transformation alternatives for the utility function
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 29, p. 1-11
Bailey, Henry; Kind, Paul; La Foucade, Althea
2014Costing of diabetes mellitus type II in Cambodia
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 24, p. 1-15
Flessa, Steffen; Zembok, Anika
2014A matching decomposition of the rural-urban difference in malnutrition in Malawi
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 11, p. 1-10
Mussa, Richard
2014Parents' willingness to pay for the prevention of childhood overweight and obesity
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 20, p. 1-8
Kesztyüs, Dorothea; Lauer, Romy; Schreiber, Anja C.; Kesztyüs, Tibor; Kilian, Reinhald; Steinacker, Jürgen M.
2014Maximizing time from the constraining European Working Time Directive (EWTD): The Heidelberg New Working Time Model
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 14, p. 1-10
Schimmack, Simon; Hinz, Ulf; Wagner, Andreas; Schmidt, Thomas; Strothmann, Hendrik; Büchler, Markus W.; Schmitz-Winnenthal, Hubertus
2014Effect of health insurance coverage on labor allocation: Evidence from US farm households
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 19, p. 1-11
D'Antoni, Jeremy M.; Mishra, Ashok K.; Khanal, Aditya R.
2014Methods for measuring horizontal equity in health resource allocation: A comparative study
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 10, p. 1-10
Tao, Yi; Henry, Kizito; Zou, Qinpei; Zhong, Xiaoni
2014Requirements for benefit assessment in Germany and England: Overview and comparison
In: volume: 4, 2014, issue: 12, p. 1-14
Ivandic, Victor