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2011Costing of physical activity programmes in primary prevention: A review of the literature
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 17, S. 1-15
Wolfenstetter, Silke B.; Wenig, Christina M.
2011Cycling and walking for transport: Estimating net health effects from comparison of different transport mode users' self-reported physical activity
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 3, S. 1-9
Veisten, Knut; Flügel, Stefan; Ramjerdi, Farideh; Minken, Harald
2011The effects of drug market regulation on pharmaceutical prices in Europe: Overview and evidence from the market of ACE inhibitors
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 18, S. 1-8
von der Schulenburg, Fritz; Vandoros, Sotiris; Kanavos, Panos
2011Considerations about the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of therapies in the treatment of hyperphosphataemia
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 1, S. 1-9
Plagemann, Thomas; Prenzler, Anne; Mittendorf, Thomas
2011The effect of seniority and education on departmental dictation utilization
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 8, S. 1-6
Bax, Kevin C.; Norozi, Kambiz; Sharma, Ajay P.; Filler, Guido
2011Quality of life results of balloon kyphoplasty versus non surgical management for osteoporotic vertebral fractures in Germany
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 7, S. 1-7
Eidt-Koch, Daniela; Greiner, Wolfgang
2011Measuring economic consequences of preterm birth: Methodological recommendations for the evaluation of personal burden on children and their caregivers
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 6, S. 1-10
Hodek, Jan-Marc; von der Schulenburg, J.-Matthias; Mittendorf, Thomas
2011Balance billing: the patients' perspective
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 14, S. 1-14
Kifmann, Mathias; Scheuer, Florian
2011Transitivity in health utility measurement: An experimental analysis
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 12, S. 1-4
Schmidt, Ulrich; Stolpe, Michael
2011Efficiency of primary care in rural Burkina Faso: A two-stage DEA analysis
In: Band: 1, 2011, Heft: 5, S. 1-15
Marschall, Paul; Flessa, Steffen